Visitacion Valley Hair Transplant

From along the crest of Visitacion Avenue, where neat, modest-sized homes stand along well cared-for sidewalks of decorative veneers, one can see all of Visitacion Valley. It is a cluster of the working class. About 14,000 people call the valley home. They are well pleased by its balance of affordability against a convenient proximity to the rest of San Francisco. Like many other small neighborhoods in the area, it has its fair share of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. There is also a pleasant mix of families who have been living here for years, and singles who want to live close to the city without having to endure the high expense.

Such pragmatism goes a long way toward reducing stress, and seeing more clearly the solutions to everyday problems. For millions of Americans every year, one such problem is that of thinning hair. A clear solution to it—and a rather modern one at that—is to undergo a Visitacion Valley hair transplant. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration of San Francisco provides this very thing to those in need. Our board certified surgeons exercise numerous methods in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction that yield amazing results.

Keeping Busy In A Busy Place

During the week, residents of Visitacion Valley are often commuting to and from work. Having said as much, they still know how to have a good time. A well-kept secret of San Francisco is John McLaren Park. Located directly west of the valley is over 300 acres of hiking trails, golf courses, swimming pools, and outdoor theaters. It is within walking distance of the valley. On a typical day you will find picnics on the slopes, and hear children’s laughter mingled with the friendly barks of lots of happy dogs.

“Viz Valley” as the locals like to call it, has undergone a number of improvements over the years to make the streets even more friendly. Renovation and restoration projects take place on a regular basis to keep things looking neat as a pin. In the summertime there are festivities that celebrate community togetherness. Public transportation gets most people downtown in about 30 minutes, and back again in the same amount of time; this makes being late for work a rare issue for Viz Valley folks on the corporate ladder.


Treatment That Will Not Leave You Guessing

Visitacion Valley is not San Francisco’s only claim to pragmatism. At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we conduct a systematic process that is also unique for every patient’s needs. Those needs will be addressed during the patient’s first consultation. Here we will perform a scalp exam to find out just how aggressive the hair loss actually is, and also, which areas of the scalp are likely to provide the best donor hairs.

From here we develop a treatment plan. We may not recommend surgery at all, but if we do, a date will be set, and patients are provided with preparation instructions. These instructions are fairly basic, such as how to wash your hair before the procedure, and what types of behavior to avoid (smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages top the list).

The surgery itself will take anywhere between 4 to 10 hours, depending on the patient’s level of hair loss. Under most circumstances the patient can get right back to his or her regular life on the very next day, though there will be some special care instructions to follow.


How To Reach Us

Our San Francisco clinic is located about 8 miles due north of Visitacion Valley, via US 101-North and Franklin Street. You will find us at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is your home for state of the art hair transplant surgery that looks natural because it is natural. Contact us today at (415) 997-6126 for more information.