Outer Mission Hair Transplant

The Outer Mission is one of San Francisco’s smaller residential neighborhoods. It came about in the 1910s as an extension for the Mission District. Most folks you meet here are working class citizens who grew up in the area. A lot of its shops are locally owned, and as you walk to one of them, chances are good you are going to meet not only friendly people, but also their dogs. For this reason it may be wise, during your visit, to carry along a few biscuits.

Patients from the Outer Mission do not bring their dogs when they come in for an Outer Mission hair transplant. What they do bring are high expectations for the results of hard work. Nor are they disappointed by what they find. The hard work we put in at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration toward research, development, and implementation always shows. Or perhaps it is better to say that it does not show, seeing as the outcome of our every procedure never fails to convince.

Things To Do Around San Francisco’s Outer Mission

The Outer District may be primarily residential, but that does not mean there are not plenty of nearby activities to indulge in. San Francisco, and particularly its Mission District, is rife with used bookstores, where hard to find titles long out of print are sometimes right out on the front shelf. Should you happen to be an avid reader, do not miss a visit to at least one of these places during your stay.

Also in the Mission District are some of the city’s best places to eat. Here you will find a wide diversity of cuisines to tempt the palate. Nor will they be priced beyond your budget; in fact, the city’s blue-collar population eats as good as it works. Taste the pizza here if you do not believe us. Or the Chinese rice wine. Or the Japanese chicken don with a side of California maki.

Perhaps as copious as the restaurants are the small stage theaters, where Friday night shows consist of award-winning productions in confined, companionable settings. Here the effects of the 1990s’ dot-com era really get pushed aside to reveal the district’s original visage as a working class artist community.

Driving this home even further are the findings of Cayuga Park. Tucked away under the BART line, this park features a large display of locally created wood carvings and lovingly tended gardens. As you walk the paths you will find over 50 carvings of animals and people. Their creator was also the one who originally planted the gardens more than 20 years ago.


Dependable Treatment With A Thrilling Outcome

Major advancements in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction have put Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration at the forefront of today’s most celebrated hair transplant clinics. Our board certified surgeons conduct a number of techniques for myriad thinning hair conditions. These include the universal, as well as some of our own pioneered and highly effective ideas.

In 2008 we came to California with a determination to reverse the effects of thinning hair for anyone in need. In 2019 we set up shop in San Francisco. This expansion has shortened the travel time for our city by the bay patients, and reflected our success as the go-to clinic for hair transplant surgery that never disappoints.


Our Clinic Is Just A Short Drive Off

From the Outer Mission, you can reach us by traveling north along Franklin Street. The drive is only about 20 minutes. Find us at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705.

Like the residents of Outer Mission, Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration applies wisdom and work ethic to achieve success in our field. For more information, call us today at (415) 997-6126.