National Hair Loss Awareness Month – What This Means for Patients

August is here and the arrival of this month is usually thought of as the end of summer vacation for students, teachers, and parents. There is another group of people who know the month of August is also known as National Hair Loss Awareness Month. This yearly spotlight on the topic of hair loss informs the public that hair loss can impact both male and female patients and it also gives people more information about how to combat the loss of hair though procedures such as a hair transplant.

National month of hair loss and hair transplant

National Hair Loss Awareness Month – Building Awareness of the Condition

There are a number of reasons that people start to experience thinning hair that can lead to a loss of hair on multiple areas of the scalp. Some of the factors that can result in hair loss include genetics, medications, wearing the hair in such a way that it causes the hair to be pulled in a repetitive manner in a certain section of the scalp, sudden stress, trauma to the hair/scalp, and medical treatments (such as chemotherapy).

Due to the multiple reasons for hair loss, as well as questions on the part of patients, the American Academy of Dermatology declared August as the month to increase awareness about the condition of hair loss. The goal of the month is to share information about hair loss as there are still some people who are embarrassed by the loss of hair on their scalp, and they are also too embarrassed to discuss it with a doctor. The August spotlight provides patient education and also exposes the public to medical treatment options they might not have known existed for them. In addition, it shows the public they are not alone in experiencing hair loss and there are people they can reach out to for help and more information.

National Hair Loss Awareness Month – Steps the Public Can Take in August

Hair Loss AwarenessThe quest for a permanent cure for hair loss stretches all the way back to the beginning of recorded history. The history books are filled with stories of people using wigs, herbal solutions, lasers, UV instruments, and other options to combat the loss of hair on the scalp. The desire to address hair loss has always been important to the public as the appearance of a full head of hair can often give a person a younger and stronger look. A healthy hairline also plays a part in providing a positive self-image and making a person feel confident about their appearance.

One of the easiest ways to observe National Hair Loss Awareness Month is to conduct research about the topic. Patients can schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified hair transplant surgeon, or they can read informative articles (such as this one) that will lead them to additional information on websites (such as this one) filled with accurate and timely information about hair restoration options. The more information a person gains about the hair restoration process, including treatment options such as a hair transplant or minoxidil and finasteride, the better educated the person will be when deciding how to address their hair loss.

The loss of hair on the scalp can begin at almost any age as a person starts to enter adulthood and this can also include the late teens or early twenties of a patient. On the other hand, a person might be in their fifties or sixties before they begin to lose their hair. The amount of hair loss, the reason for the hair loss, and the time it takes to start to become noticeable varies per person so education about the hair loss process is a large part of the event spotlight during the month of August.

The issue of hair loss has been around for a very long time and deciding to not silently accept the loss of hair on the scalp can be a first step to take during the month of August. The decision to openly talk about the current condition of the scalp can actually be quite liberating for a person and help them to stop avoiding the issue and start taking active steps to address and resolve the issue.

While August is a spotlight month for the issue of hair loss, this is a medical condition that we address each and every month at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. Our experienced team of surgeons knows that many people define their appearance by the hair on their head and they want to retain the look of a healthy head of hair on their scalp. Our board-certified surgeons perform a complete examination of the scalp in order to determine the reason for the hair loss. They also take the time to explain the hair restoration process to patients and to explain their treatment options. Anyone interested in learning more about hair loss in August (or any other month) is invited to contact our office today for more information and to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our experienced surgeons.