Anagen Effluvium

Anagen Effluvium Hair LossAnagen Effluvim is a type of hair loss experienced by patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation.  The hair loss is not immediate after the assault but it is swift once it begins.  The patient’s hair loss usually begins after the first few weeks of treatment. A person who is suffering from Anagen Effluvium has hair that is irregular or broken off from the scalp.

The effects of Anagen Effluvium caused by chemotherapy are expected to reverse within 3-6 months of stopping the therapy.  At that point, patients can expect to see the return of their hair growth.

Suggested Treatments:

  • Observing for spontaneous re-growth
  • Use of a topical minoxidil solution
  • Chemotherapy scalp cooling – The blood vessels to the scalp are cooled and contracted via the use of a cold cap or a cooling system that supplies liquid coolant through a cap.  This technique is used during chemotherapy to minimize the exposure of scalp hair follicles to the chemotherapy agents.
  • Depending on where the hair loss has occurred, cosmetic camouflage can be used to conceal loss around eyebrows, scalp and eyelashes.

Will My Hair Grow Back – Can I get a Hair Transplant?

Although hair growth is expected to resume after the end of treatment, patients may notice a change in their hair texture after it grows back.  Changes in hair color, texture and density have been known to occur in hair regrowth among patients.  The patients usually recover with no remaining baldness.  Hair transplant is usually not recommended.  However, it could be discussed and considered if the recovery is not complete.