Hayward Hair Transplant

The city of Hayward is nestled within the east bay subregion of the San Francisco Bay area. It is named after one William Dutton Hayward, who arrived in the area during California’s 1848 gold rush, and was promptly told to leave by a property owner who found him building a house on his land. Instead, Dutton bought that part of the land from its original owner and built a hotel there. The hotel was quite successful until 1916, when it burned to the ground. Today, Hayward’s motto is:  “You are here. So is everything else.” And with its newly renovated downtown district, plus easy channels to just about anywhere else in the bay area, that may just be right.

Our Hayward patients tend to be fairly quiet and down to earth. When we can get them to talk, they tell us they enjoy peaceful evenings at home after a hard day’s work, relaxing in front of the TV or just chatting with friends. One patient told us that after the surgery he was going to go home, kick back, and order a pepperoni pizza. To which we replied:  Nothing wrong with that!

Fun Things To Know About Hayward

“The Haystack” as residents like to call this place, has much more going for it than those give it credit for at first glance. For instance, one patient told us that he moved to Hayward simply because it has the best hamburgers in all of California. That may have been just an opinion, but it certainly made us curious. Hayward also loves to move and shake—literally, as its location on a 74 mile long fault line can be jolly nerve-wracking. 

And then there’s Cal State Hayward. Or wait, is not that supposed to be California State University East Bay? Not to the people who live here, and who so vehemently disagreed with the school’s name change in 2005. This 342 acre campus is set up on a plateau east of the fault, and houses about 1500 students.

Besides “The Haystack”, Hayward is also known as the heart of the bay. From here it is very easy to travel…well, just about anywhere else around the bay. So while residents typically are not outside until 3AM partying in the streets, the opportunity to do so (should such a maddening urge suddenly descend upon you) is never far away. So while it may not always look like it is paying attention, be assured that Hayward never fails to be hooked up and clued in.


Treatment That Only Becomes Exciting With Results

Hair transplant surgery at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is always conducted with professional ease by our board-certified surgeons. Multiple techniques in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction are practiced here to perfection. Surgery usually takes about 7 hours, and most patients can get right back to their place of work on the very next day. Within about 3 months the first new hair growth becomes noticeable. After approximately 1 year, the growth is complete, full, and totally natural.

We use a local anesthesia so that patients feel almost no pain at all during any procedure. Some clients even doze off on their own while we are working. Like Hayward itself, we prefer to make your experience with us both relaxing and friendly.


Getting Here From Hayward

We are only about half an hour’s drive northwest, via I-580 West and I-80 West. Find us at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705. Our neighborhood is upscale, and features convenient parking and lodgings.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is your reliable source for a successful Hayward hair transplant. To find out more about what we can do for you or someone you know, call us at (415) 997-6126.