Emeryville Hair Transplant

For movie fans, the small city of Emeryville, California means just one thing:  Pixar Animation Studios. The association all but begs to be reasoned with, for this is the studio responsible for releasing 22 animated movies over the course of about 35 years. Some of these movies you may find just slightly familiar. Nor is Pixar the only high-tech company that calls Emeryville home. Because of this, weekday commuters flow in and out of the city like a tide. Emeryville’s proximity to San Francisco makes things  very convenient for them. And for those who don’t commute, the city has a reputation for upholding a peaceful, family-friendly environment.

Like many of Emeryville’s well-known corporations, Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration uses modern technology to achieve peak results for its clients. Breakthroughs with different surgical methods, particularly follicular unit extraction, are happening all the time. Some of them, such as the Celebrity Hair Transplant and the Power Hairline, were developed by Dr. Parsa Mohebi, and are exclusive to our clinic. Hair transplant surgery is a logical and effective solution for those suffering from thinning hair. Since its inception in the early 1950s it has made tremendous strides. The journey isn’t over. As near to perfection as hair transplant procedures are today, we feel there is always more to discover.

A Welcoming City With Lots To See And Do

A visit to Emeryville often begins with Eastshore State Park. What you have here is 8 and a half miles of parkland that overlooks the bay. The view is ethereal, the atmospherics, sublime. This goes double for days when the water is masked over by fog, and the Bay Bridge occasionally peeks through like the head of some fantastic beast that has foundered its way into the wrong world.

Near Emeryville is the San Francisco Botanical Garden. No matter what time of year one visits this place, a different kind of flower is certain to be in bloom. It also features a plethora of beautiful trees that many visitors claim carry the smell of a deep forest.

If you’re in the mood for some shopping, drop by Bay Street Emeryville to get your fill. There are currently 65 stores here, 10 restaurants, and a 16 screen movie theater. Book-lovers adore the 2-level bookstore, whereas fashionistas really go for the mall’s numerous upscale clothing outlets.


Systematic Hair Restoration With Incredible Results

The first step toward putting an end to your thinning hair is to schedule a consultation with us. Here we will ask you some questions about your family history of hair loss, the effects of the condition on your self esteem, health history, and what medications—if any—you’re currently using. We’ll also conduct a  microscopic scalp exam that will show us where to go to harvest the best donor hairs.

Next, we draw up a plan to reverse your condition. Should part of that plan involve hair transplant surgery, we will deduce which method is going to work best for you. Don’t worry—we have many different approaches, and can apply multiple techniques. We mentioned FUE in the above paragraph. It can be conducted in a traditional manner, or by robotic arm, with donor hairs that come from the beard, body, or scalp. We may also opt to go with the follicular unit transplant, which involves harvesting strips of hair from in back of the scalp and placing them in the recipient area.

Our San Francisco office is located at 55 Francisco Street, Suite 705. The neighborhood is friendly and upscale, with convenient parking that’s right next door to our building. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is the number one clinic for an Emeryville hair transplant. For more information, contact us today at (415) 997-6126.