Diamond Heights Hair Transplant

Located smack in the middle of San Francisco, Diamond Heights enjoys splendid views on a near 360 degree axis. To the southwest it overlooks 70 acres of open space, courtesy of Glen Canyon. Facing west, it gasps with the sight of Mt. Davidson and the Pacific Ocean, while areas from north to south are occupied by the beautiful but unforgiving San Francisco Bay. Homes and condos rest on its slopes, along with a shopping center and five—count them, five—parks.

Up until the mid 20th century, most of Diamond Heights consisted of milk farms and cow pastures. Indeed, to go back in time 100 years and visit the place would mean seeing acres of vast, windy slopes dotted with grazing cows. Former president Ronald Reagan’s favorite milk came from one of these pastures (Christopher Dairy), whilst on others, horseback riding was a popular past-time. In the mid 1900s, however, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors elected to repurpose the land for community use.

Diamond Heights residents seem happy to live here, even though the original, master-plan for the community did not turn out quite as its conductors had hoped. Around the year 1900 a plan was drawn up by designer Daniel Burnham to transform San Francisco into a cosmopolitan city of parks, theaters, and museums. This included Diamond Heights. To the excitement of many optimistic readers, his plans were published in 1905. Then, in 1906, an earthquake destroyed the entire city, and Mr. Burnham’s vision was abandoned. Today a lot of living goes on in Diamond Heights, but for visitors, activities can be on the sparse side. To really get acquainted with the neighborhood’s charm, assimilation is key.

Professional Treatment On A Personal Level

When a patient from Diamond Heights comes to us for a hair transplant, the stories we sometimes hear concern plans that have gone astray but not necessarily to a bad end. Having said that, the plans we set for our patients rarely deviate. Our California hair transplant clinics have been in operation for over 10 years. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration consists of board certified doctors who conduct procedures in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction using state of the art methodology.

What patients also find here is a tight-knit family of people who care about helping others achieve a positive self-image. For most of us, having a full head of healthy, natural hair goes a long way toward improving inner confidence. Also for most of us, just one day of surgery is all it takes to reverse the negative effects of thinning hair. We use a local anesthesia that reduces pain to near zero, and after just 4 to 10 hours the surgery is complete. New hair growth can typically be seen within about 3 months. At about the 12 month mark the new hair is fully grown in, and the patient’s baldness is a thing of the past.


Things To Do During Your Visit To Diamond Heights

Take a run or a hike through Glen Canyon park, where unusual rock formations abound, and the blue gum eucalyptus tree wafts a pleasant scent. Diamond Heights is close to the city, so really, nothing one craves is that far off. From this neighborhood so deeply affected by unfortunate events of long ago, all of San Francisco is within reach.

That includes our clinic at 55 Francisco Street, Suite 705. We are just a quick, 5 and a half mile drive north, via Guerrero Street and Franklin Street.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration makes a Diamond Heights hair transplant swift, modern, and virtually pain-free. Schedule a consultation today by calling (415) 997-6126.