Beverly Grove Hair Transplant

In Beverly Grove shopping is such a popular past-time that  some believe the neighborhood was actually named, in part, after a mall. That mall is The Grove, which sits right next door. Nor is it the only place around here to see California’s latest styles and trends, and maybe spend a little money along the way. The Beverly Center, an 8-story tall shopping complex that rivals the gargantuan malls found across the Pacific in Manila, is full of boutique stores and classy restaurants of myriad cultures. Some of the area’s freshest meat and produce can be found at the Farmer’s Market. Small apartment buildings line its less active streets. Easy commuting inspires many singles and yuppies to rent here.

If you decide to stay for a day or two after receiving hair transplant surgery at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, you will have the time, as well as the high spirits. A procedure at our clinic normally runs from 4 to 10 hours. After that, most patients get right back to their daily routine. And because surgery is performed under local anesthesia, very little pain, if any, is felt to slow them down.

Lots To Do When You Are Not With Us

We mentioned The Grove up top, and how it may have given the neighborhood its name. That belief has not gone unchallenged. Other residents insist Beverly Grove was named after the many orange groves that once grew here, and that, in actuality, the mall took its name from the neighborhood. Whichever the case, people who love to shop will have no shortage of sustenance for their craving here.

And then there is Melrose Avenue, with its nightclubs and stand-up comedy venues. It cuts through the northern part of Beverly Grove. Just a little further north is the Sunset Strip, another of LA’s legendary places for after dark entertainment. Laugh, dance, and have a great time long after the sun has gone down—though if your hair transplant surgery is to take place afterward, we highly recommend the avoidance of alcoholic beverages, as they may exacerbate the effects of our anesthesia.

Want to get the kids more involved with your stay? The neighborhood’s south end is home to the Cayton Children’s Museum. Exhibits recreational as well as educational make up this 21,000 square foot facility for kids 0-10 years of age. They will keep very busy here—and so will you, chasing them around.


Hair Transplant Procedures On The Cutting Edge

Beverly Grove’s reputation for moving forward whilst learning from the past is echoed by our own belief system. We offer the most advanced treatment available in both the follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Since our arrival in 2008, our staff has been refining the techniques of the field, making them more and more effective for our Beverly Grove hair transplant patients. We transplant follicular units of all styles. These include African-American and Asian hair transplants. And while most of our clientele consists of men, we by no means omit women from our state-of-the-art treatment. No matter what your gender or ethnic background, we invite you to schedule a consultation, where a scalp exam will help us formulate just the right plan for your particular kind of hair loss.


Finding Our Clinic Is Easy

From Beverly Grove we are just a five minute drive west along Beverly Boulevard. Our Beverly Hills office is located at 9735 Wilshire Boulevard, Penthouse Suite. We also have a second LA office, in Encino. This is at 16661 Ventura Boulevard, #313.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration can help you re-grow lost or thinning hair after just one day of surgery. Give us a call today via (888) 302-8747 to find out more.