Beverly Glen Hair Transplant

Thinning hair may very well be the oldest ongoing epidemic humankind has ever known. Moving back through time, there are many famous names associated with the affliction. From Sir Patrick Stewart to Sir Sean Connery; from William Blake to William Shakespeare; from Socrates to Hippocrates, all—along with millions of other men and women who lived in their time—experienced baldness. Today in the U.S. alone, some 320 million people are losing their hair. Most of them are quite familiar with various treatment options, including transplant surgery. But of course, not all have chosen to act upon them. Their reasons are doubtless logical. Just as logical, perhaps, as the ones in existence for getting the surgery.

Our esteemed patients from Beverly Glen certainly know why they came to us about their thinning hair problem. They know that Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration boasts the most modern facilities in the field. They know about the incredible advancements in hair transplant technology that we have pioneered. And most of all, they knew that they simply did not wish to lose their hair. Patients from Beverly Glen choose us because their standards are high. For them, there are no counterfeit pathways to pleasing results.

Modern Technology For A Professional Neighborhood

Many residents of Beverly Glen are executives, managers, or hold some other professional status. Because they are so familiar with the role, our Beverly Glen patients recognize our own professionalism right from the day of their initial consultation. Even before that day, we will ask about their medical history, and about how thinning hair is affecting their life. These so we can get a full background on the issue and determine whether or not anything might hinder their chance for a successful transplant.

On the day of the consultation we conduct a physical exam and a microscopic evaluation. From these, a plan is drawn up for which kind of treatment will work best for a particular condition.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration employs state-of-the-art technology in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. For FUE especially, patients find a number of techniques on the cutting edge of the craft. Many of our Beverly Glen hair transplant patients have undergone surgery through modern methods such as:

We have also developed a number of hair restoration methods of our own, making them unique to the clinic. While anonymity is recognized as extremely important for all hair transplants, our very own Celebrity Hair Transplant takes discreteness to the next level. Created by Parsa Mohebi, this technique requires no special preparation on the part of the patient, and most times there will be no shaving during the procedure itself. This means patients leave looking basically the same as they did when they arrived, only with transplanted hair growing beneath the cover of hushed lips.

Another highly popular treatment for thinning hair in Beverly Glen is the Power Hairline. Also developed by Dr. Mohebi, the Power Hairline is designed to restore the hairline of the patient’s youth while maintaining the natural appearance that goes with their age.

How Near is Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration to Beverly Glen?

Our Beverly Hills office is just a short, 12-minute drive south, via Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Glen Boulevard. A 21-minute drive north along US-101 South and Beverly Glen Boulevard will get you to our Encino location. Both offices should be no trouble at all to find, and have convenient parking.

Beverly Glen hair restoration that meets or exceeds the standards of its residents is never far away. For more information about what we can do to reverse your thinning hair, contact us today via (888) 302-8747.