Can You Trust the Results of Regrowz?

Our discussion about Regrowz is an example of hair loss products that come to market and present themselves as the ultimate solution for baldness. We get questions about these types of products, as well as their actual values, from our patients on a regular basis.

Last year, Princeton Consumer Research (a private research company), conducted a study to test the effectiveness of Regrowz. This is a hair care product that bills itself as a hair loss solution. The makers of the product claim patients that have used Regrowz have enjoyed a 100% success rate in hair regrowth. They are even offering a money back guarantee that is valid as long as the patient continues using the product for six months. In addition, the person using the product will need to take date-stamped photographs of the balding area every four weeks.

Regrow Hair Loss product study on results

How the Study Was Conducted

According to David Chandler, the lead scientist at Princeton Consumer Research, fifty men were recruited for a study that lasted three months. The fifty participants in the study group were split into three groups of roughly equal size:

  1. A third of the group was given Regrowz
  2. A third of the group used another “natural remedy”
  3. A third of the group was given a placebo

In total, only thirty-seven men out of the fifty participants in the study group completed the study. Out of these thirty-seven men, thirteen of them were in the group that used Regrowz.

In order to accurately measure the effectiveness of the product at the end of each month, the study group members were asked if they thought their balding area on the scalp was getting smaller. In addition, hair stylists trained in visual grading used the Severity of Alopecia Tool (AKA the SALT scale) to determine the effectiveness of the treatments.

The Results Are In

Out of the thirteen men that used Regrowz during the study, each of them felt their area of balding on the scalp had decreased. The same results of “decreased balding” was also felt by the study group members who took the placebo.

The visual graders employed by the research company said the Regrowz users showed an average hair loss reduction of 48.81%.

Can You Trust The Regrowz Results?

While the study seems to positively show the effectiveness of Regrowz, men suffering from hair loss need to keep the following items in mind before using the product:

  • These results have not been published in a scientific journal
  • The results were not peer reviewed for their accuracy
  • The study did not include any type of third-party checks to ensure the study participants were not aware of who was taking Regrowz and who was taking the placebo or natural remedy
  • Many experts feel a study that only consists of thirteen people is too small to accurately measure the effectiveness of a product
  • The SALT test is normally used to measure patches of total hair loss rather than measuring areas of the scalp for male patterned baldness

When it comes to long-lasting hair loss treatment, the most effective and natural looking treatment option is a hair transplant. While there are other medical treatment options (such as minoxidil), the results only last as long as a person continues to use the product.