Hair Loss Types and Treatments

Can Plucking Your Hair Combat Hair Loss?

Plucking Hair Study

While the shaved head look has been back in fashion for the last few years, many men adopt that look because they don’t have enough hair to cover their scalp. However, there might be help on the way for those who suffer from hair loss. One possible cure seems to go against the idea of losing your hair: Plucking a certain number of hairs from the scalp as well as plucking them in a specific formation. Hair follicles have stem cells that divide and provide the push behind the growth of new hair. A recent study performed on mice was published […]

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The Psychological Effect On Hair Loss On Women

Women Hair Loss

While we recently took a look at the psychological effects on hair loss on men, it’s important to remember that women suffer from hair loss as well. Hair loss can be especially hard on women as a full head of hair is often viewed as a symbol of beauty, youth and femininity to others. In general, there is more of a social stigma attached to female hair loss than male hair loss which leads many females to have psychological issues with their condition. Research has found that women are likely to suffer from low self-esteem due to thinning hair and […]

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Can Mice Gums Help Cure Baldness?

Mice gums Curing Baldness

It seems like every week beings another news story about a miracle cure for baldness that will restore hair. No matter how much scientists say their new cure is going to be a game changer, there is always more testing and studies that need to be conducted. The latest news about a cure for baldness comes from a group of scientists who created artificial skin in a lab. The artificial skin was created out of tissue from the gums of mice. The tissue was transformed into skin and that skin was then changed and developed into hair follicles. In turn, […]

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Can Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss and Dry Shampoo

Have you ever tried dry shampoo? It’s a hair styling product known for its ability to clean hair without having to use water. While this might seem like an easy and convenient way to clean your hair, one woman in Ireland is claiming that dry shampoo caused her to go bald. Nicole Baxter is 21-years-old and a regular consumer of Batiste dry shampoo. Baxter says that the product caused her scalp to become flaky and itchy at first and that continued use of the product made her scalp blister. She also claims that she has been diagnosed with triangular alopecia. […]

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New Stem Cells Study To Treat Baldness

Possibly Hair Loss Treatment

There have been recent news reports that a private biotech company, Samumed, is also working on a cure for baldness. Samumed specializes in the regrowth of cartilage as well as certain bone parts. Their method of treatment is still in the planning stages but Samumed plans to target specific proteins that scientists feel play a critical role in the development and renewal of stem cells which help develop hair and skin cells. The company hopes that the treatment will help those who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia eventually be able to regrow some of the hair follicles they have lost. Earlier […]

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Can Consuming Caffeine Give Patients Thicker Hair?

Thick Hair due to Caffeine

An article published back in 2014 in The British Journal of Dermatology discussed a study that treated hair cells, in a lab setting, by exposing the hair cells to caffeine. The study, conducted by Fischer et al., spotlighted the overall effects of caffeine on hair follicular cells. The study showed an increased number of cells in the outer root sheath of hair which is the part that is responsible for the elongation of hair shafts due to the enlargement of the hair matrix. The study investigation team reviewed the total effect of caffeine-studied growth factors in female and male hair […]

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Can Bee Venom Promote Hair Growth?

Hair Loss - Bee Venom

It’s spring and bees are buzzing around the plants and bushes found everywhere at this time of year. Did you know they can actually serve a purpose besides sending you running for cover? The venom from bees might actually be able to help combat alopecia! Alopecia is an issue that can occur in patients of all ages. While there have been studies that show bee venom can be used in the treatment of a number of diseases including MS and rheumatoid arthritis, a recent study was conducted that investigated the effectiveness of bee venom in preventing alopecia. In the study, […]

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Hair Loss Product: Viviscal

Hair Loss medication

Viviscal is a hair loss product that comes in the shape of tablets and is made of AminoMar and a mixture of other nutrients.  AminoMar is a fish protein that is claimed to help hair grow better.  Malnutrition can affect human hair and some microelements like Zinc and other vitamins that are essential to the growth of hair.  However, despite of the extensive advertisement, there is no evidence that healthy people not suffering from any malnutrition of these elements can be helped with their hair growth. The science behind AminoMar, which is promoted by Viviscal as its hair growing ingredient, […]

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