Hair Loss Types and Treatments

Hair Loss in Swimmers

Hair loss for swimmers

Q: Dear Dr. Mohebi, I’ve been watching the Olympics and have really been enjoying the female swimming competition. The ladies spend so much time in the pool that I was curious if it can damage their hair. Can swimming in a chlorine pool make you go bald? A: This a very timely and interesting question! In general, a good number of women have a naturally receded hairline or foreheads that tend to be higher than normal.  Why? As the years have passed, women with male hormones or some elevated androgen often develop a recessive hairline that is similar to adult […]

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Can Cold Winter Weather Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss and Cold Weather

Hair loss is determined by a number of factors including genetics, stress and the overall health of the patient. One aspect of hair loss that has been discussed over the years is whether or not the time of year can cause greater hair loss to happen to a person. The cold of winter is one time of year that is heavily suspected of causing larger amounts of hair loss. Can cold winter weather cause the hair to fall like snowflakes? Does the need to wear caps to shield the scalp from the cold have an influence on the amount of […]

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Why Hair Loss Doesn’t Bother Some Men?

Hair Loss: Does it Bother You?

While hair loss doesn’t happen to all men, it does happen to a good number of males from all walks of life and a variety of ages. Hair loss does seem to have an effect on the self-confidence of males. A 2013 study in Berlin showed that even a minor amount of balding caused a large emotional burden on men and brought about lower self-confidence, psychological disorders and even impaired the quality of life for some men. Hair loss hits some men so hard that a 2009 study by the International Society of Hair Restoration found that 60% of men […]

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Can Stem Cells Aid In Regenerative Medicine For Patients?

Stem Cell Aid

The use of stem cells to promote healing in patients has been discussed, as well as studied, for years in the scientific community. A recent study showed nestin-expressing stem cells of the hair follicle able to cause the formation of outer-root sheaths of the follicles as well as neurons and a number of other non-follicle cell types. These nestin-expressing stem cells were named hair-follicle-associated pluripotent stem cells or HAP stem cells. How do the HAP stem cells play a part in the repair of peripheral spinal cord and nerve injuries? The hair follicle stem cells split into glial and neuronal […]

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Can Plucking Your Hair Combat Hair Loss?

Plucking Hair Study

While the shaved head look has been back in fashion for the last few years, many men adopt that look because they don’t have enough hair to cover their scalp. However, there might be help on the way for those who suffer from hair loss. One possible cure seems to go against the idea of losing your hair: Plucking a certain number of hairs from the scalp as well as plucking them in a specific formation. Hair follicles have stem cells that divide and provide the push behind the growth of new hair. A recent study performed on mice was published […]

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The Psychological Effect On Hair Loss On Women

Women Hair Loss

While we recently took a look at the psychological effects on hair loss on men, it’s important to remember that women suffer from hair loss as well. Hair loss can be especially hard on women as a full head of hair is often viewed as a symbol of beauty, youth and femininity to others. In general, there is more of a social stigma attached to female hair loss than male hair loss which leads many females to have psychological issues with their condition. Research has found that women are likely to suffer from low self-esteem due to thinning hair and […]

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Can Mice Gums Help Cure Baldness?

Mice gums Curing Baldness

It seems like every week beings another news story about a miracle cure for baldness that will restore hair. No matter how much scientists say their new cure is going to be a game changer, there is always more testing and studies that need to be conducted. The latest news about a cure for baldness comes from a group of scientists who created artificial skin in a lab. The artificial skin was created out of tissue from the gums of mice. The tissue was transformed into skin and that skin was then changed and developed into hair follicles. In turn, […]

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Can Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss and Dry Shampoo

Have you ever tried dry shampoo? It’s a hair styling product known for its ability to clean hair without having to use water. While this might seem like an easy and convenient way to clean your hair, one woman in Ireland is claiming that dry shampoo caused her to go bald. Nicole Baxter is 21-years-old and a regular consumer of Batiste dry shampoo. Baxter says that the product caused her scalp to become flaky and itchy at first and that continued use of the product made her scalp blister. She also claims that she has been diagnosed with triangular alopecia. […]

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