Vitamins and Hair Loss


Hi Doctor,

My mother is obsessed with my hair loss and gives me a whole bunch of vitamins and mineral tablets everyday to help regrow my hair.
Do you think they work? Or should I stop them.


Although lack of certain vitamins and minerals could cause hair loss in their sever form, living in north America and having a normal and balanced diet; it is unlikely that you are suffering from vitamin or mineral deficiency. On the contrary, if you look at your family pattern of hair loss, you probably can find other male members of the family who has similar male pattern hair loss. As I always say, you need to have the triangle of baldness, which is “Gene, Male gender, and time” to become bald. Vitamins deficiency is not to blame as part of triangle of male patterned hair loss. You can continue taking vitamins to please your mom, but don’t overdo it since vitamins are not going to bring your hair back. Instead you need to see a good hair specialist or dermatologist and undergo a good hair loss evaluation with miniaturization study and start taking one of the effective medications to prevent further hair loss or to use hair transplant to restore your lost hair.