Trump’s Hair Tousled by Talkshow Host

In the past, I’ve mentioned the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s hair as well as the fact that he has been known to mock the hairdo of Hillary Clinton and the historic importance of having a great hairline in the US presidential elections. There are many theories about Trump’s hair and they include:

  • It is a toupee
  • He had a bad hair transplant in the past
  • His hair is thinning so he wears it swept upward to hide that fact

Trump has been mostly silent about the history of his hair and possible hair restoration procedure(s) and has rarely let anybody touch it. This personality quirk only added to the mystery surrounding his hairline. It often seems as if Trump is afraid to have anybody solve the mystery about his hair.

All of that changed last night!

Trump was a guest on “The Tonight Show” last week and, towards the end of his interview, Jimmy Fallon asked Trump if he could mess up his hair. Fallon wanted to do it while he had a chance since they are both civilians. To the surprise of the audience, Trump agreed and let Fallon partially mess up his hairdo.


It was a fun television moment and also a chance to see Donald Trump trying to be open and more transparent with the public about his hair. However, the fact that Fallon pulled on his hair and messed it up in front of millions of TV viewers still does not prove that the Donald did not have a bad hair transplant in the past. Why?

  1. His blonde hair, combined with his white skin, provides very minimal contrast in his appearance and makes it quite difficult to detect plugs from a previous hair transplant behind his hairline.
  2. While he has hair in front, but what kind of hair is that? Is it transplanted, flap or a combination of both?
  3. If everything is fine and dandy about Trump’s hair, why has he consistently worn his typical comb over?

While the display made for great TV, it did not answer any of the questions about Trump and his hair. Until the day Donald Trump decides to directly address the hair transplant question, the public will have to remain in the dark about the answer.