A Hair Raising Situation for the Donald?

  • Before-Donald Trump\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Hair
    After-Donald Trump\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Hair
    BeforeDonald Trump\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s HairAfter
There are two things Donald Trump is best known for these days.  He is currently running for the office of the President of the United States.  He is also well known for his hairstyle.  The Donald’s hair is almost a bigger topic of conversation than anything Trump himself has done in recent memory.  There are many who believe that Donald Trump is the victim of a plug surgery that did not go as planned years ago. The “hair conspiracy” believers think that Trump does not have an adequate donor supply to fix his pluggy hairline and that is why he has maintained the same hairstyle for years.

If this is true then why hasn’t Donald Trump done anything to fix his hair?  There are a few reasons that he (as well as others in his situation) doesn’t undergo a hair transplant repair procedure:

  • He is unaware he can be helped – The procedure that caused his pluggy appearance was many years ago.  Mr. Trump might be unaware of the advances in hair repairs that can make his appearance look more natural
  • He might be traumatized – After undergoing the first unsuccessful procedure, Trump might be unwilling to give it another try.  The trauma caused by the older procedure might still be fresh in his memory.
  • Not enough resources – Without enough donor hair to help fill the balding area, doctors might have trouble making Trump’s hair achieve a more natural appearance.  This situation can be helped with a beard to scalp hair transplant.

If you’ve had a hair transplant in the past and have been unhappy with the results, advances in hair repair procedures can help you achieve the results you longed for in the past.  Contact an experienced and skilled doctor in order to learn the hair transplant revision options available to you.