South Beach Hair Transplant

Bay area beaches have a reputation for being cold. At South Beach, however, the sun always seems a little warmer, the waves more gentle, and the people’s happiness just a little more genuine. It is a nice place to drop by on the way home from one of California’s redwood forests. The sight of children and dogs is common, as are sea lions on the rocks, and barbecues, and of course, curving slopes of dark sand. Tourists are delighted to find this nook of serenity between larger, more ostentatious attractions, while locals—in on the secret from day one—never skip on spending at least a little time here whenever the chance arises.

Our patients from South Beach rarely find issue with sitting still. Thus, they have no problem with the time it takes our professional, courteous staff to perform a South Beach hair transplant—around 4 to 10 hours, depending on the level of the patient’s hair loss, what the expectations are, and a few other variables. Some even seize upon the time to get a nap in—a opportunist’s delight we don’t mind in the least. To quote Dr. Mohebi himself:  “Snoring is music to our ears.” Nor is it a wonder relaxation comes so easily at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, as our procedures are conducted under local anesthesia, and virtually painless.

Different Kinds Of Treatment For Different Needs

Because we are among the most modern, state-of-the art clinics in the United States, we employ many approaches for the reversal of hair loss. The two most common are the follicular unit transplant, or strip surgery, and follicular unit extraction. Through FUE we can exercise other methods, such as:

Because FUE is conducted by the extraction of individual follicles—rather than in groupings, as FUT is done—we have more donor areas to work with, and a more balanced final result. This last is due to FUE’s allowance for higher accuracy with follicular implantation. Also, all of our patients are happy to know that FUE transplant surgery offers an even faster recovery time than FUT.

Most of the people you meet in South Beach have an appreciation for living a quiet life that still is not too far from all the excitement. They like a pinch of this with a dash of that, for the concoction of the perfect brew. They find more of this at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, where our transplant surgeons are meticulous indeed about having things turn out just right. Since 2008 we’ve been in California perfecting our craft.


Will I Need To Travel Far To Reach Your Office?

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is not far at all from the quiet beaches, quaint restaurants, and friendly smiles of South Beach. We are just a little over 3 miles off, via Bay Street and the Embarcadero North. Or take 4th Street north to Broadway, and follow that through Russian Hill.

Our address is 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705. The neighborhood is full of friendly folk, with convenient lodgings that we’d be happy to assist in locating. There is plaza parking right across the street, and nearby parks with gorgeous views of the bay.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration of San Francisco has been treating patients with different types of hair and hair loss since June of 2019. For the relaxed, easy going lifestyle of South Beach, our facilities are just about ideal. You will be comfortable and self-assured during surgery. After the surgery you can count on more of the same. For more information, contact us at (415) 997-6126.