SoMa Hair Transplant

While Market Street has long been bereft of its once famous cable car line, a number of SoMa’s older residents still remember it, and refer to their home as “South of the Slot”. Perhaps this derives from stubbornness, or merely old habits that die hard. Whichever the case, SoMa today is in the fast lane. Its residents commonly describe it as “edgy” or “energetic”. One visit confirms their description. With easy access to nightlife, the Bay Bridge, excellent restaurants, and sports complexes, people are moving around. Keeping up with them brings one around better than a hot cup of coffee. Then again, speed very often equates to getting things done, and most certainly, SoMa is no stranger to accomplishment.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration we do not rush things, but most of the time, we can get SoMa hair transplant surgery done in a single day. After that, patients are right back to work, perhaps at one of SoMa’s many tech industries, or its proactive oriented financial district. Surgery is conducted under local anesthesia, so pain is minimal. You can even chat with our staff while they work, or sneak in a nap. What SoMa patients seem to like most about our clinic is its limited impact upon their busy lives. Oh and of course, its highly successful track record of satisfied customers.

Find Out A Lot In Just One Consultation

When you first visit our San Francisco office, you will be asked a number of questions about your lifestyle, overall health, and expectations. We will also conduct a microscopic exam of your scalp to determine your level of hair loss, as well as how much further it is likely to progress. After that we develop a comprehensive plan for restoring your hair. Our SoMa patients tend to get especially interested in this part, as they are well-practiced in planning out ways to accomplish their many tasks.

Using the follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction technique for most of the surgeries we conduct, follicular units are taken from a donor area and inserted at the recipient area. Depending on whether we use FUT or FUE, the follicular units are extracted in strips or individually. Today FUE is more widely used, as it is more modern and normally more effective than the alternative. With FUE we can even perform robotic surgery, along with our own unique procedures, such as the Celebrity Hair Transplant and the Power Hairline.


How Far Is It From South Of Market To Your San Francisco Office?

Getting here from the buzzing streets of SoMa will be no trouble at all. It will take you about eleven minutes to drive the 3 miles up Franklin Street. Then turn right, and we are right across the way from the Chestnut and Kearny Open Space.

Our address is 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705. It features a nearby parking plaza, plus parks, restaurants, and shopping, all within walking distance. For SoMa tourists, places to stay are also pretty easy to find around here, but even when folks do have trouble, we are always happy to lend a hand.

SoMa is sometimes described as several different neighborhoods, each with a slightly different culture, a slightly different atmosphere. But no matter which neighborhood they arrive from, our treatment is focused on precisely what they pursue on a daily basis:  indisputable success.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration of San Francisco you will find a staff keen on customer satisfaction. For the multi-cultured neighborhood of SoMa, we have treated patients with many types of hair loss issues and many unique styles of hair. To find out more, contact us today at (415) 997-6126.