Parsa Mohebi, M.D. is Now Recommended by the Hair Transplant Network

Dr. Parsa Mohebi of Los Angeles, CA was just approved for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network, one of the largest online communities supporting hair loss patients. This site has truly revolutionized the hair restoration field due to its high demands made by patient members who participate on the Hair Transplant Network in conjunction with the participating physicians. Because all participating members of this site have such high expectations and demand superior quality results, it is no wonder why only physicians with a solid reputation and proven results are approved for recommendation.

Over the last year and a half, the hair restoration forum and participating community on have had the opportunity to review Dr. Mohebi, his technique, and corresponding results to determine his eligibility with hair transplant recommendations. Following the lengthy and worthwhile examination process, we are now happy to say that Dr. Mohebi is among the few qualified physicians to be recommended by the renowned Hair Transplant Network.

We hope that this physician recommendation and the consistent results of patients will help to expose more people to the wonders of quality hair transplants done by Dr. Parsa Mohebi. On average, we post 1-2 patient stories/photos each month on this site showing Dr. Mohebi’s results. Please feel free to check out some of our patient results and physician comments on this site at anytime and do not hesitate to ask questions on the forum if you have any. Thank you all for your support!!

** Here is the Press Release published by Hair Transplant Network regarding Dr. Parsa Mohebi’s recommendation