Orlando Surgical Workshop for Hair Transplant Surgeons

I have not been answering any questions in our hair restoration blog for a few days because I am in Florida as one of the invited faculties members in the hair restoration surgery workshop of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).  The meeting is held annually each year in the beautiful city of Orlando and prominent hair transplant surgeons from all over the world get together to share ideas and teach the future generation of hair transplant surgeons the science and art of hair transplantation.

I had one lecture yesterday on my invention of the Laxometer and the method in which we measure the laxity of donor area in large hair transplant surgeries.  We also discussed our new method of sequential strip removal that guarantees removal of the maximum number of grafts while still assuring the safety and quality of the hair transplant.  As a hair transplant surgeon that performs a majority of hair transplant procedures with large number of grafts, we have developed this method geared for hair loss patients with advanced classes of baldness.

These verbal lectures are usually followed by surgical workshops in the afternoon.  I will be demonstrating use of the Laxometer in the surgical workshop again tomorrow.  Dr. Mark Leavitt and Dr. David Perez, the main organizers of the hair transplant workshop, did a great job arranging the event which is a big step forward in education of hair transplant surgeons.

I will be back in Los Angeles next week and will continue answering your hair loss/hair transplant questions in the hair restoration blog upon my return.  I will also make sure to put a note on what was new in our Orlando Hair Transplant Work Shop this year. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for this and all future updates.