Los Angeles Hair Transplant – LA Hair Transplant Surgeons

Los Angeles hair transplant surgeons and hair transplant centers; how do they compare with hair restorations surgeons of the other cities or countries? Los Angeles is the mecca of cosmetic surgery. Is this also true in the field of hair transplant?


As one of the Los Angeles hair transplant surgeons, I believe there is a wide variety in quality of hair transplant surgery in the city of Los Angeles. That is also true about other branches of plastic and cosmetic surgeries in LA. Hair transplant surgery has evolved tremendously in the last two decades, but unfortunately not every hair transplant surgeon has been following the most recent findings and methods in the industry, which is the cause of differences we can see between Los Angeles hair transplant surgeons and the end result of their hair restoration procedures.

You have to chose the surgeon who is familiar with all methods of hair transplant. Some surgeons who did not get adequate training on the newer methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or mega session hair transplant surgeries may not be able to offer all available options to the patients.

I have to repeat, don’t choose your doctor based on the location of his hair transplant clinic. Do your homework, educate yourself with the advances in hair restoration surgery and hair transplant. LA (Los Angeles) or elsewhere does not matter. If you know what you should be looking for when looking for a hair transplant surgeon, you will know when you meet him or her.