Daly City Hair Transplant

Just south of San Francisco lies Daly City, the largest city of San Mateo County, with a population of over 100,000. Its reputation is that of community orientation. Family homes line its cool, foggy streets, as do a number of unique shops and well-respected places to eat. Residents speak highly of its diversity. They’re also pleased with the quality of its public transportation, there to spirit them away to San Francisco whenever the need arises. Daly City has been praised for its low crime rate and overall family-friendly environment.

Our Daly City hair transplant patients don’t come to us out of conceit, or a wish to recapture the look of times gone by. Rather, they are well aware the importance of self-esteem from a more logical standpoint. At one consultation a Daly City native told us that feeling good about himself creates positive energy that helps him get through a work day. We totally agree. And as Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration continues to make breakthroughs in hair transplant technology, more of our patients are finding out the same.

Keep Busy During Your Visit

If you’re a visitor to San Francisco who’s receiving treatment from us, and find yourself in Daly City, you’ll doubtless notice its proximity to the ocean. This means you’ll have more than a few beaches to walk on (though we don’t recommend going swimming so soon after a hair transplant).

On the border of the city is Cow Palace, a popular venue for concerts, rodeos, and sporting events. Check local listings for what might be going on here during your stay. Shopping and dining comes in the form of Serramonte Mall. At over a million square feet, this place is the number one hot-spot of Daly City.

Getting back to beaches, don’t miss Thornton Beach State Park. Beautiful walking trails line its green hills that slope down to the white sands of its foamy shores. The Bay Area Ridge Trail and Coastal Trail lead from Thornton Beach all the way to Fort Funston in South San Francisco.

Prefer to do your shopping outside rather than in? Consider a visit to Westlake Shopping Center. Restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and supermarkets can all be found here, and all beneath a leafy canopy of indigenous trees.


Modern Procedures For A Powerful Self-image

Utilizing both the follicular unit transplant and the follicular unit extraction processes, one way or another, we send you back to your world feeling better about your appearance. For FUE in particular we offer the most advanced surgical methods in the field, including a few we’ve pioneered all ourselves. And like Daly City, the patients we see come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

Nor are women left out of what we can do to help. Though female candidates for a hair transplant tend to be fewer in number than males, we have conducted both hairline lowering and FUE hair transplants for ladies suffering from thinning hair.

Every patient receives a consultation, during which the best option for treatment is arrived at. The consultation includes a microscopic scalp exam that determines your level of hair loss, how much further it will progress, and which donor areas are going to be best for harvesting.


Our San Francisco Office Is Right Nearby

We’re about 11 miles north of Daly City, via CA-1 North. Find us at 55 Francisco Street, Suite 705. Nearby parking is available. You can also get help from our staff should lodgings prove difficult to find.

If you’ve recently noticed that your hair is thinning—or even if your hair loss has progressed over a period of years—the board-certified surgeons at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration can help. Call us today via (415) 997-6126 to schedule a consultation.