Celebrity Hair Transplant

Trump’s Hair Tousled by Talkshow Host

In the past, I’ve mentioned the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s hair as well as the fact that he has been known to mock the hairdo of Hillary Clinton and the historic importance of having a great hairline in the US presidential elections. There are many theories about Trump’s hair and they include: It is a toupee He had a bad hair transplant in the past His hair is thinning so he wears it swept upward to hide that fact Trump has been mostly silent about the history of his hair and possible hair restoration procedure(s) and has rarely let anybody […]

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Are Celebrities Still Stars Without Their Hair?

  Have you ever been curious what your favorite celebrities would look like without their famous locks of hair? Would Chris Hemsworth be “Thor” or a “bore” without hair? Would Christian Bale be a better Batman if the mask hides his bald spot? Would Justin Timberlake be “NSync” with audiences if he suffered from hair loss? Would Leonardo DiCaprio be a “Wall Street Wolf” with patchy hair? While these celebrities don’t have to worry about hair loss in their lives, we want to see what the biggest stars look like without hair. You can view the results of our experiment […]

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The Most Impressive Widow’s Peak in Politics

Paul Ryan has often been touted as one of the leaders of the Republican Party as well as a possible future candidate for the presidency. There is another aspect of his life that he is well known for besides politics. His widow’s peak has been called the best one in politics since Ronald Reagan. Would Paul Ryan be as sought after in the political world if he didn’t have his impressive widow’s peak? A study back in the 1980s showed that people were drawn to photos of politicians who possessed certain facial characteristics. When it came to the topic of […]

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A New Hairdo for the “Hairless Heir”

Prince William, AKA the “hairless heir”, has recently embraced the thinning top of his head by getting a new haircut that is being referred to as a “dad cut”. His new hairstyle is marked by a much shorter and buzzed look on top while being closely cut on the sides. This new hairstyle follows closely behind his wife, Kate Middleton, who recently cut off about 6-inches of hair and is now sporting a “lob” hairstyle that is being called a “mom cut”. William’s hair has long been the butt of jokes among watchers of the royal family. In fact, other […]

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The King of the World Is Also the King of Good Hair

If there’s one actor in Hollywood that consistently has a great head of hair, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. From his early TV work on “Growing Pains” to his recent award winning work in “The Revenant”, Leo has always looked nothing but his best both on-screen and off-screen at various red carpet events. Leo’s default hairstyle off-camera since the early 2000s has been a slicked-back look. The look involves a lot of pomade and his healthy widow’s peak which has stayed consistent over the years.  The widow’s peak is the growth of hair that is located towards the center of the forehead […]

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Opening Up About Hair Transplants

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

There was recently an article about Irish actor James Nesbitt (from many projects including The Hobbit movies) and his second hair transplant. It’s interesting for a number of reasons. The first is that Nesbitt is very open about the work he’s had performed on his hairline. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not trying to hide a hair restoration procedure. The second interesting thing is the various points the article makes about what can be learned about hair transplants by the public. While many people know what a hair transplant is, they are not always aware of what is medically […]

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The “Hair Pulling” Has Started With Trump and Clinton

I’ve discussed the speculation about Donald Trump’s hair situation before. Trump has long been the subject of speculation about his hair. Is it real? It is a wig? Is he the victim of a bad hair transplant many years ago? His hair has been the subject of so much discussion and speculation that he seems to be the last person who would mock the hairstyle of anyone else. Having said all of that, Trump entered “the hair wars” last week by mocking Hillary Clinton’s hairdo. In an interview with syndicated talk show host Mark Levin, Trump commented that seeing Clinton […]

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He Won The Super Bowl, Can He Beat Hair Loss?

Tom Brady Hair Loss

Looking at Tom Brady’s life from the outside, he seems to be living the good life: A successful NFL career Hot supermodel wife Adoring fans There have been a few stumbles along the way (Deflategate anyone?) but overall Brady has been very blessed in his life. One area where Tom becomes more like us mere mortals is his hairline. Maybe that should be phrased “his lack of a hairline”. There has been speculation for years that Tom Brady has been losing his hair and has even undergone a hair transplant.  While neither Tom nor his wife have confirmed this news, […]

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