The Flats Hair Transplant

The Flats of Beverly Hills is, as the name would imply, a relatively flat area of land that slopes gently toward the hills. All of Beverly Hills south of Sunset Boulevard is considered the flats. But this is merely the neighborhood’s geographical description. To achieve a more in-depth picture, we must…well, dive in. And that is precisely what we are going to do, for we occasionally see patients from The Flats, and because they tend to be so unique, we are eager to learn more about where they come from.

The first thing to notice here are the luxury homes. There are plenty to see—that is, if your eyes are good enough to make it across the large lots and long driveways. Some of the finest houses in all of LA are located in The Flats. As for who actually lives in them… Well, they keep a low profile, at least when they are not working. The gardens are quiet, the swimming pools undisturbed. California sunshine illuminates empty walk-paths and locked gates. An air of mystery resides in this well-to-do neighborhood of celebrity mansions. Or so it seems at a glance. But in truth, how its residents spend a day off is not terribly far removed from the mundane. Beyond the austerity of all those closed doors are people who read, watch television, and enjoy spending an evening with friends. Sound familiar? But of course.

Treatment That Is Modern And Discreet

For hair transplant surgery, we utilize both the follicular unit transplant and the follicular unit extraction methods. The latter is a bit more secretive than the former, though both offer fast recovery time and highly effective results. In FUT, the surgeon transplants follicular units from a donor area in groups, or strips. This technique tends to leave “strip scars” in the donor area that can be treated with further procedures, or merely covered over by growing the hair above them longer. The more modern method, FUE, is the process of removing—and implanting—donor units individually, which leaves behind little to no scarring. For most patients we turn to the FUE method.

Most patients can also return to work on the day after surgery. As time passes, new hairs will grow in both the donor and recipient areas. The look is quite natural. It should be—it is, after all, your real hair that is growing. Full recovery takes about one year. Providing you do not tell anybody, no one will even know that you have had a hair transplant. That is how convincing the results are.


Fun From Our Own Neck Of The Woods

The Flats may be little more than a series of quiet, residential streets, but less than a mile away is Beverly Hills itself. It happens to be home to one of our clinics, and when you are in town, you will be drawn to more than just a hair transplant.

For instance, the two-mile long Rodeo Drive is internationally famous for its luxury shopping, fashion, and cool cars. Visit here after dark to see it all under twinkling lights. You will hear the chatty of voices of outdoor diners mixed with the growl of numerous exotic sports cars.

Feel like getting a little closer to those incredible-looking mansions? Try a visit to one of Beverly Hills’ finest, the Greystone Mansion and Gardens. This English Tudor revival home features 55 rooms and sits on 16 acres of land. The gardens are free to visit. To go inside the mansion itself, check listings for special events.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration makes getting The Flats hair transplant convenient and friendly. With board-certified surgeons and a professionally trained staff, your thinning hair will quickly become a thing of the past. Give us a call via (888) 302-8747.