San Leandro Hair Transplant

Among Alameda County’s larger towns is San Leandro. It rests on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, a little under 10 miles south of Oakland. Its ease of access from both Oakland and San Francisco have made it a popular place for many urban professionals to set up living arrangements. San Leandro is one of those communities for people who like a delicate balance between urban and suburban surroundings. A lot of development goes on here. Indeed, since 2015 the town has seen a new tech campus, several different restaurants, and over 100 new houses go up.

What we’ve seen here over the past few years is a city intent on moving into the future with its eye on technology. Engineering corporations involved with product development and/or improvement are some of San Leandro’s top employers. But while the work is important, it’s certainly not the only thing this rapidly growing piece of the Golden State is known for. In fact, if you visit, you’re going to find some pretty fun things to do.

A Swirl Of Activity Between Two Cities

Start with a peek into San Leandro’s roots by paying a visit to Casa Peralta. You’ll find it on West Estudillo Avenue, just beyond the downtown district. This 200 year old home has served as residence to many of the area’s original settlers. Its Spanish influence speaks from the mission-style architecture, and the red carnations that grow in its gardens. Casa Peralta is an absolute joy to behold. Charming at first sight, you may never want to leave—at least until visiting hours are over.

For those in the mood to hit the links, San Leandro features two golf courses. The Tony Lema course is gigantic at over 7,000 yards, so bring your best driver if you plan to shoot here. Novice golfers may be more inclined to play the par 3 Marina Course. Whichever you choose, you’ll get amazing views of the bay from just about every hole. Just try not to let them distract you from the pin.

From spring to fall you’ll be able to find fresh produce at the San Leandro Farmers’ Market. You’ll also be able to pick up flowers, baked goods, and locally made arts and crafts.

Another cool historical home in San Leandro is the Daniel Best house. The name may not ring a bell at first, but over a hundred years ago, Best became responsible for inventing and innovating equipment in the farming industry. Eventually his son took over the business, and merged it with another local manufacturer. After the merger, the owners decided upon the name Caterpillar, which went on to become a global sensation that’s still going strong today.


Modern Hair Transplant Surgery From Industry Pioneers

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, patients receive treatment from board certified surgeons who themselves are no strangers to discovery. Many of our techniques in follicular unit extraction, such as the Celebrity Hair Transplant and the Power Hairline, were developed by our founder, Dr. Parsa Mohebi.

Another modern, effective form of San Leandro hair transplant surgery is the Beard to Scalp hair transplant. It is most often used for men who have too few healthy donor hairs available from the scalp, or for men who need to preserve those hairs for more critical areas, such as the hairline.

Like San Leandro, our clinic is highly functional for today’s needs, while impassioned with making discoveries for the demands of tomorrow.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration can help any patient who suffers from thinning hair. If you or someone you know has lately noticed signs of pattern baldness, and wishes to do something about, call us today via (415) 997-6126 and schedule a consultation.