Rafael Nadal’s FUE Hair Transplant Journey

Hair loss of Rafael NadalRafael Nadal is known for his outstanding tennis accomplishments, his good looks, and finally, his hair. So, it’s not surprising that he sought help for his thinning hair. About two years ago Rafael Nadal pursued a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. He, like many of celebrities who receive hair transplants, spends a lot of time in the spotlight and therefore, tends to receive more criticism on their appearances. Fortunately, with high technology and quality research, hair transplants are a great solution for many who experience hair loss.

However, Nadal has recently been highlighted in the press for opting for another hair transplant. This may seem strange to some, considering he already had a hair transplant procedure. Many are wondering why he is experiencing this after he has already had what appeared to be a successful hair transplant. It is not uncommon to ask why so many individuals need additional hair transplants after one had been successful for a decent amount of time.

Here is Why Rafael Nadal is Getting a Follow-Up Hair Transplant:

Rafael Nadal Iberia Hair TransplantThe hair transplant that Nadal received is called a follicular unit extraction. In this type of hair transplant, the follicular units are taken from the permanent hairs of the scalp individually, rather than taking a strip. Because the hairs are transplanted from the permanent hairs of the scalp, the transplants are in fact permanent. There is no linear scar from the transplant because the follicular units are removed and transplanted individually, rather than removing a strip of scalp and transplanting the entire strip. This leaves a less-noticeable result because there is no major scar, there is less overall pain, and there is less downtime after the procedure. However, there are still some specific steps that each individual should take before, during, and after the procedure to ensure the best results and prevent shock-loss.

Although hair transplants are the only permanent solution to hair thinning and loss, it is only permanent for those particular follicles that are transplanted. This means that the natural hair follicles that were not transplanted may begin thinning and eventually will be lost over time. While the transplanted follicles remain, permanently, the natural ones continue the cycle of a hair follicle and so it eventually appears that balding is occurring again. When this happens, the individual usually seeks additional hair transplants and touch-ups to follow the original treatment, which seems to be the case for Nadal.

FUE Hair Transplant Rafael Nadal

It is important to understand that there may be a need for further hair transplants after the original treatment. Hair loss and thinning are somewhat predictable, but because each individual is unique, no one can say without a doubt the exact pattern of hair loss that will occur. It can be highly discouraging when further hair loss occurs, but I encourage seeking treatment for the follow-up hair transplants before you lose hope. This is a normal phenomenon that the other hairs begin to thin and get lost, just as the others had.