Learn Why People are Investing in Hair Restoration

Hair restoration field is booming

As people continue to age, they will likely suffer some amount of hair loss. Hair loss can start as early as the late teens and early 20s for some people while others experience hair loss later in life. Some of the reasons for bald spots appearing on the scalp include genetics, stress and autoimmune disease. Whatever the reason for the hair loss on the scalp, the idea of going bald can be a devastating one for both men and women. The desire to gain a full and healthy hairline has led many people to invest in having a hair transplant procedure.

Hair Restoration Market – Reasons for Future Growth

As recently as 2018, the hair restoration market was estimated to be worth 8-billion dollars, A new report from Grand View Research shows the hair restoration market is expected to be worth 13.6-billion dollars by 2028.

Since it is obvious that the demand for hair restoration services is growing in popularity, let’s take a look at why so many patients want to achieve their desired hairline:

  • Reasons for Future GrowthA hair transplant is a permanent solution for patients that are suffering from hair loss. Once the thinning or balding spots on the scalp become visible to others, most people of either gender search out a solution to reverse, stop or eliminate both the cause and visible results of the hair loss. A hair transplant takes hair from one part of the body (normally the donor area on the scalp) and transplants the hair grafts to the balding sections of the scalp. The hair grafts are usually removed from the donor area of the scalp as the hair in this area is usually resistant to balding. If there are not enough high-quality hair grafts available in this section of the body, the surgeon can take hair from other areas of the body such as the beard or chest and transplant it to the scalp. The final results are natural in appearance and they last a lifetime. Plus, there are multiple hair transplant techniques available to patients so the doctor can discuss them after performing a consultation appointment in order to determine the cause of the hair loss as well as evaluate the overall health of the patient.
  • Another reason patients want to undergo hair restoration is to gain more self-confidence and a better self-image. Some men simply shave their head once they start to develop bald spots on the scalp. Female patients often turn to hats or wigs to cover up thinning areas on top of the head. All of these methods are temporary solutions that do not eliminate the daily worry about even greater amounts of hair falling out of the scalp. Restoring the hair on the scalp can give a person a more youthful look and also give them more confidence in their daily life and also in the workplace.
  • Once the hair transplant is performed, the patient does not need to worry about any extra costs to maintain the newly grown hair. Hair restoration options such as minoxidil and finasteride need to be performed on a regular basis in order to maintain the results. If these medical treatments are not performed on a regular schedule, the patient will eventually lose the gains they have made on their scalp. A hair transplant can take over a year before the final results are visible, but the patient will not need to worry about applying any lotions or creams to the treated area of the scalp.
  • The cost of a hair transplant might seem high compared to using medications like minoxidil or finasteride but, as noted above, these treatments need to be performed on a regular basis. The need to use these medical treatments each day means the patient will have to pay for the medication over and over again which adds up as time passes. While a hair transplant might be a larger amount of money to spend at one time, the total price of daily treatments and lotions might end up costing more over time.

It should be noted that some patients might need an additional hair transplant in the future. While the hair that is transplanted to the scalp will be resistant to balding, the loss of hair can continue to occur on other sections of the scalp. It is not required for anyone to undergo multiple hair transplants, but it is a possibility for the future.

Hair Restoration Consultation Appointment

Now that the reasons for a hair transplant have been shared above, it is time for some patients to take the next step in the hair restoration process. Anyone that is interested in having a hair transplant is invited to contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment. Our team of doctors will examine the scalp to determine the reason for the hair loss along with discussing the desired final results with the patient. Once the doctor and the patient are in final agreement about the type of realistic results that can be expected, the hair restoration procedure can be scheduled.

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