Mountain View Hair Transplant

Mountain View gets its name from the wide vista of the Santa Cruz mountains spread beyond its borders. As a member of Silicon Valley, it is home to some famous tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft. Beyond this, the city is mostly residential. Quiet, peaceful neighborhoods idle beneath trees of red maple, sycamore, and scarlet oak. Most people choose to live in Mountain View due to its central location—the places they need to go, such as work or shopping, are almost always within walking distance.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration of San Francisco may not be quite close enough to Mountain View for walking, but when its residents do schedule an appointment, they are quickly pleased about their choice. Our Mountain View hair transplant surgeons are board certified for both follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction—two of the field’s most popular procedures. And like Mountain View, we place today’s modern technology on high pedestal while continuing to achieve scientific breakthroughs for tomorrow.

Visiting Mountain View

Downtown Mountain View is extremely pedestrian-friendly. With its wide sidewalks and shady streets, you will notice that almost straight away.

Start things off with a visit to the Computer History Museum. Here you will find out why the computer’s history dates back 2,000 years; there are 19 galleries with 1100 pieces to study. You will also learn about the history of some of today’s most popular software like MP3, Photoshop, and Wikipedia.

Over at Moffett Field you can find the NASA Ames Visitors Center. Projects at the administration’s nearby research center are highlighted here. You will also get a look at planets of our solar system through a gigantic projection system. There is a real rock from the moon on display, collected by the crew of Apollo 15. A high resolution movie theater with a 36 foot wide screen will take you to Mars, and provide simulated trips out beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

After visiting two facilities of exhibits you are probably going to be hungry. Is the pizza here any good? Mountain View takes that question pretty seriously. There are literally dozens of pizzerias scattered all over town, serving just about every style with every topping you can imagine. Follow your craving to some of the best lunches or dinners in the country.


Treatment That Reflects Mountain View’s Amicable Scene

Every patient who comes to Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is treated like our only patient. In other words, it is all about you. It starts with a consultation, where we will discuss things like your family history of hair loss, how the condition is affecting you personally, and the results you are hoping to achieve.

Also during the consultation, we will perform a microscopic scalp exam that will show us how much further your hair loss is likely to progress if left untreated. The exam will also reveal which follicular units are going to work best for harvesting. From here we develop a plan for your treatment.

That plan may include FUT or FUE surgery. Both are performed over the course of 4 to 10 hours, depending on your level of hair loss. For most patients, going back to work on the very next day is fine. At the very most, you will need about 1 week off after surgery.


From Mountain View To Successful Hair Transplant Surgery

Our San Francisco office is located at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705. It is easy to reach, with plenty nearby parking. Lodging is also very convenient. We can even help you find a place to stay should the need arise. An hour’s drive up I-280 North places you right near our front door.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is the clinic to call for putting an end to thinning hair. To find out more, get in touch with us at (415) 997-6126.