Lake Balboa Hair Transplant

In the Lake Balboa district of San Fernando Valley, people keep a healthy connection with the out of doors. With its many parks, bike paths, and hiking trails, that is not any wonder. A stroll along the lake itself can turn into an entire day while one hardly notices the time. Pleasant distractions abound, luring wanderers from one bewitching scene to the next. The tranquility here is almost hypnotic, while its sense of peace and content entice visitors to stay for just a little while longer. For the happiness of Lake Balboa, nature plays a crucial role. It is a community in constant growth, and as such, residents who suffer from thinning hair have reached out to us about hair transplant procedures.

Why Is Getting A Hair Transplant Important?

Good self-esteem is like a power cell for the spirit. It gives the nerve to go outside and tackle the day. Most of that esteem may come from what was naturally gifted to us at birth, but other parts certainly affect the matrix. The clothes we wear, the homes we live in. And yes, for some of us, having a full head of hair makes a difference, too.

Lake Balboa has an excellent reputation for looking sharp. Since its break from Van Nuys in around 2007, the community has taken itself into its own hands. The houses are well maintained, the parks clean. We do not feel these things are done out of any attempt to place itself on a pedestal or play king of the hill. Rather, it is simply about being healthy and strong. As it so happens, that is also a big reason for Lake Balboa hair transplants. When a patient calls us for a consultation, pride is not typically the chief motivator. Like the well cared for Los Angeles neighborhood they call home, they wish to protect their healthy glow.


How Far Is It From Lake Balboa To Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration?

We have two offices right nearby. Getting here is a breeze.

  • Encino: 4.7 miles due south via White Oak Avenue
    • Corner of Ventura and Petit
  • Beverly Hills: 16 miles via I-405 S
    • Corner of Wilshire and Linden

Encino is quite an attractive community; in fact, many Hollywood celebrities have chosen to live here over the years. It has a small-town feel, with plenty of shopping and dining always within walking distance. Golf courses, parks, and public gardens are also easy to find. When you visit Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration of Encino, there is no shortage of things to do.

The same goes for Beverly Hills. This place is so renowned for its grand houses, upscale shopping, and the fine dining we hardly feel the need to provide a refresher. But if you have never visited before, or if it has been a while, you are going to be impressed.


Is Thinning Hair In Lake Balboa Common?

We have not sat down to crunch the numbers, but we can tell you we have taken lots of Lake Balboa hair transplant patients. At their initial consultation, we give them a physical exam to get to the bottom of what is causing their baldness and which treatment avenue will work best. After that, we concoct a plan for their hair restoration.

Our hair transplant procedures are advanced, discreet, and highly effective. Progressive techniques in FUE and FUT are performed by our surgeons, who are wholly dedicated to their patients’ well-being. If you live in Lake Balboa and would like to find out more about how to restore your thinning hair, call us today via (818) 788-8363 for a consultation.