Northridge Hair Transplant

Education, recreation, and rock and roll all have strong connections to Northridge. Known to some as the jewel of San Fernando Valley, this neighborhood consistently ranks among the best in Los Angeles County. Its modern shopping malls and picturesque gardens frequently draw the attention of tourists and locals looking to discover a different facet of the city. The taste is here, too. Quaint coffee shops occupy its sunny streets. Restaurants of multiple cultures and themes. Sweet-smelling bakeries. One look at Northridge may inspire the opinion that there is a place that keeps up with the times. So when it comes to hair transplants in Northridge, only the most modern technology will suffice.


What Northridge Can Expect From Us

Knowing the community’s standards, Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration always maintains an open-door approach for any questions its patients may have. Thinning hair can be a frustrating and depressing ordeal to experience. Victims often suffer from low self-esteem. One consultation with our experts can help turn those feelings around. Not only can we develop a proper “attack plan” for many catalysts that are behind hair loss, but our patients can also find new reasons to focus on a positive outcome from their plight. To make a long story short: Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration has been giving successful hair transplants to Northridge residents for years.


Is Thick, Healthy Hair A Trait Of Northridge?

Not necessarily. Panning back with the zoom lens, it is not hard to find that this particular part of Los Angeles prefers to stay in step with the times while keeping avenues of tradition from different cultures accessible. Values such as these require a good deal of self-confidence. Being at the top of the list normally correlates with being at the top of your game. So things are with the people of Northridge. Standards are high, but then so are the friendly smiles and cheerful greetings. There is plenty to do and see here because its residents believe in themselves. And that brings us full circle to having a healthy head of hair, which indeed is a very common trait—though rarely, we must admit, the most important one—of all those myriad descriptors that add up to feeling good about yourself.


I Live In Northridge, And I Have Thinning Hair; What Should I Do?

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration makes it easy for anyone to schedule a consultation appointment. Here our doctor will ask you some questions about your medical history. You will also receive a physical exam and microscopic evaluation. Not long after this comes the development of a plan for your treatment area. This may involve an FUE transplant, FUT transplant, or Celebrity Hair Transplant. Call (818) 788-8363 or fill out this convenient online consultation form to schedule an appointment.


How Do I Get From Northridge To Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration?

It is a short trip from Northridge to our locations in Beverly Hills or Encino. Here are the directions:

  • Beverly Hills: 21 miles due south via I-405 S, corner of Wilshire and Linden
  • Encino: 7.2 miles due south via Lindley Avenue, corner of Ventura and Petit

Our Encino office features validated parking behind the building. In Beverly Hills, there is public parking directly across Wilshire Blvd behind the bridal store. Both locations are located in neighborhoods rife with things to do and see. We can even assist you with lodging arrangements.

Northridge hair transplants at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration have a successful track record. If you live in the area, and suffer from hair loss, get in touch with us today for information on how we can help.