Joe Biden Vs. Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hair Vs. Joe Biden Hair

Scalp Reduction Vs. Hair Transplant

There is no love lost between the current President, Donald Trump, and potential Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election, Joe Biden. From claims of being able to best each other in a fight to this bizarre tweet Trump posted below, mocking Biden, it is safe to say these two do not like each other.

In the midst of this strange, yet entertaining quibble between the two political giants, we can’t help but focus on both of their hairstyles. Although they are both different in almost every imaginable sense, they share one thing in common: being follicularly challenged.

In previous articles, I have written about the importance of good hair for US Presidents. Since the first televised debate when John F. Kennedy became the US President, Americans have never elected a bald president, despite the fact that about 60% of adult males have some degrees of hair loss the requires treatment.

Donald Trump’s Hair

Thanks to his daughter’s revealing his medical record, Donald Trump is known for his scalp reduction. Of course, he is perhaps most well-known for his signature combover which has prompted a lot of speculation as to what he has been trying to hide. Trump’s hair loss and combover have been extensively covered in the media for years, peaking during his presidential debates in 2016, where Hillary Clinton and Trump used hair as a subject to attack and ridicule each other in many instances.

Scarring from scalp reduction surgery:

Scarring after scalp reduction

Joe Biden’s Hair

On the other hand, we have Joe Biden. He is known for having a hair transplant in the past. His pictures from back show evidence of a high class of hair loss (Class VII in Norwood Classification). Despite his advanced hair loss, he seems to have a reasonably good hairline in front. The reason that he does not have enough coverage on his crown could be that he does not have enough donor hair to restore his big balding patch. Proper planning for people with advanced hair loss could avoid having a balding patch despite a very youthful hairline. In an ideal situation, his hairline should have been placed more posteriorly. By creating a higher hairline, we can save more hair follicles that could be used in the crown area. Even if the crown could not be completely restored, having a thin crown looks more natural along with a more mature hairline.

Joe Biden Hair Loss Class

The Winner

Now consider the importance of having a good head of hair when becoming president. It is of the utmost importance that the candidate looks as appealing as possible. That being said, which candidate has a higher chance?

As we’ve said, both men have experienced hair loss and have taken steps to restore their hair. It is a matter of opinion who looks better. Will American’s elect a head of hair that appears full, even though it has received some procedures and uses a combover, or they chose a hair transplanted man who proudly shows his hairline with a big area of baldness on the crown? We will have to wait to find out!