Hair Transplant 360 Cadaver Workshop & FUE Hands-On Workshop in St. Louis

Workshop for FUE in St. LouisRecently, Dr. Mohebi was honored to lecture and attend the Hair Transplant 360 Cadaver Workshop & FUE Hands-On Workshop in St. Louis. As a Faculty member, he taught new hair transplant doctors the basics of hair restoration surgery and lectured on the artistic aspects of hair line design and donor management. This workshop was hosted and sponsored by the St. Louis University School of Medicine, Practical Anatomy, & Surgical Education in collaboration with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) under leadership of Dr. Sam Lam.

The Hands-On Cadaver & FUE Workshops

Hands on Training for Hair TransplantHands-on workshops offer one of the most complete and comprehensive hair restoration learning experiences available for new hair transplant doctors. The new hair transplant doctors learned the basics of hair restoration surgery. These workshops are always great opportunities for doctors to share their knowledge and passion with aspiring hair transplant doctors. Along with the hands-on FUE workshop, the hair transplant technician lectures and cadaver workshops were run under supervision of Dr. Emina Karamonovski.

Hairline Design & Donor Management

Hairline Design TrainingHairline design is one of the important (and often overlooked) steps in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Mohebi and the staff at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration are well-known for creating some of the most natural-looking hairlines in Los Angeles. Dr.Mohebi lectured at the University of St. Louis on hairline design, which included a live demo of designing a hair line on a volunteer. He elaborated on the techniques involved and the artistry of creating the most natural hairlines. As part of the lecture, he also educated the students on the best practices of hair transplantation donor management.

It has always been an honor for Dr. Mohebi and staff at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration to be in forefront of education in the art and science of hair restoration. Working with other leaders in the industry and educating newcomers is one of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of our job!