Glen Park Hair Transplant

The Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco does not seem to get talked about very much. Its residents are perfectly fine with that. “Hidden” or “tucked away” may be stretching things a bit (it is part of a city of about 900,000 people, after all), but it has developed a reputation for being something of an isolated gem. Talk to somebody from Glen Park and you will likely hear about great pizza, dog-friendly parks, and lots of fresh air. In Glen Park you feel far away from the city. Does not matter if you are really not. One look at the hills, the streams, and the trees is all it takes to maintain the illusion.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration we do not dabble in illusion. The hair our patients find growing after transplant surgery is quite real. But like Glen Park, we are something of a place where things get done that hitherto seemed impossible. Hair restoration technology is getting better and better all the time. We even claim some responsibility for that. Our own developments, particularly with follicular unit extraction, have made some big waves in the field.

Hold Your Breath, Count To Five

Glen Park absolutely lives up to its name. It is a place of many parks indeed, most of which have hiking trails that are long enough to make one feel displaced from the city, but short enough not induce fatigue. From atop the rocks you will get some pretty neat views of the neighborhood, far-away hills, and bird species that fly in from as far away as Tierra del Fuego (at the very southern tip of South America).

If your appointment with us happens to be in April, check out the Glen Park Festival, a yearly gathering where talented artists in all forms of the craft get a chance to show off their work. Food, music, and children’s entertainment are but a few of the things it features. And better still, it all happens for charity. Money for educational programs, playgrounds, and sporting equipment is raised every year at the Glen Park Festival.

Over at Glen Canyon Park there is a bit of danger to be found, in the form of “bouldering”. The park’s many steep-sloped rock formations attract climbing enthusiasts year-round. Climb the stones using only crash-pads—no harnesses—and the gracefulness of your athletic ability. The fall distance can sometimes reach as high as 30 feet, so hold on tight.


Hair Transplant Surgery With Almost Zero Pain

Our two main methods for conducting a hair transplant are the follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. FUE is more modern, but both are performed under local anesthesia, so the patient feels very little, if any, pain. Most surgeries take between 4 and 10 hours, and can have you back to work—or hiking or eating pizza—on the very next day. In fact, go ahead and grab that pizza tonight if you wish.

Like Glen Park itself, the atmosphere we maintain is quite relaxed. Some of our patients even doze off during surgery. FUE in particular gives us a number of choices when it comes to orchestration. We have used the ARTAS robotic arm to assist us with accuracy and the choosing of healthy follicles. We have even developed a few FUE methods of our own.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration gives residents and visitors to Glen Park a clinic that reflects the neighborhood’s own character for incredible achievement without incredible chaos. Everything is relaxed and efficient, with pleasing memories that linger after you have gone. For more information about how we can help you or someone you know receive the best Glen Park hair transplant, contact us today via (415) 997-6126.