Donald Trump and Joe Biden – Did they both have a Hair Transplant?

The two candidates for the presidential election have been decided on by the Republican and Democratic parties and they are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. While more campaigning and the start of the candidate debates are in the not too distant future, they are on hold for a couple of weeks as the two political parties present their annual conventions. This week is the Democratic National Convention where Joe Biden will officially accept the nomination of his political party. Once this week is over, it will be the opportunity for the Republican Party to hold their convention and let Donald Trump give his official acceptance speech for his re-election campaign. These two men have something in common besides trying to win the election in November. They share a connection in that they are both suspected of undergoing hair transplants in the past. Here is Dr. Mohebi with a closer analysis of their suspected hair restoration procedures:

Donald Trump and Joe Biden Hair Transplants – True or False?

  • Did Donald Trump have a hair transplantDonald Trump – The hairline of Donald Trump has been a subject of speculation for many years and includes gossip and questions regarding his signature comb-over hairstyle. Many people have speculated that Trump has not altered or updated his hairstyle during the many years he has been in the public eye because they suspect he is trying to hide some sort of scar or other evidence of a previous hair transplant on his scalp.

While he has not attacked Joe Biden for his suspected hair restoration procedure, he did speak out about Hillary Clinton’s hairstyle in the time leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The oddness of Donald Trump making fun of the hairstyle of another person was not lost on the public since his hair has been discussed, mocked and examined for many years.

When it comes to the hair secrets of Donald Trump, some of the speculation about Trump’s refusal to alter the appearance of his hair is that the comb-over, as mentioned above, is a way to cover a scar from a possible scalp reduction surgery. Some people also think there is a scar located at the front of his hairline that is the result of a previous flap surgery. While a flap surgery is not performed anymore because hair transplant techniques have long evolved past this hair restoration method, they were performed in the past when a surgeon would take a strip of hair baring skin from the donor area of the patient and move it to the front of the hairline. The flap was then rotated by the surgeon while also taking care to keep the original blood vessels intact. The end result involved a section of thick hair being brought to the hairline. The downside of having a flap surgery was the chance of the patient being left with a visible scar where the skin strip was removed by the surgeon. In addition, there was a chance of the patient having very high hair density on the hairline while still suffering from an area of baldness that was located right behind the high hair density on the scalp.

  • Did Joe Biden have a hair transplantJoe Biden – The candidate that used to work in the White House, Joe Biden, is now trying to make his way back to the White House. Much like Trump, Biden has been suspected of having a hair transplant in the past because of the appearance of the hair on his scalp in photos from when he was younger. At an earlier age, Joe Biden showed signs of a high classification of hair loss on his scalp. When comparing the appearance of his scalp to the choices on the Norwood Scale, AKA the leading classification system used when determining the extent of male pattern baldness on a person, Biden would likely be a very high classification number such as Class VII.While his hairline in the front seems to be rather healthy, there is still a balding area on his crown that might be the result of a lack of enough donor hair anywhere on the body to properly fill the balding space through a hair transplant. Even with a hairline like his that is higher in its front appearance, there might be some additional hair follicles that were not used and they could be an ideal option for placement in the balding crown area for a “light to medium” covering of the crown.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden – The Public will Decide

Much like the actual election that will take place in November, it is up to the public to decide what they think about the appearance of the hairlines of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It is also up to the public to decide which candidate they feel has a hairline that is more natural in appearance.

A head of hair that looks full, natural and healthy helps to give a person an image of success and youthfulness. The way a political candidate is viewed by the public often has just as much to do with their appearance as their politics or their stance on certain issues.

While neither candidate likes to discuss their hairline or any type of hair restoration procedure they had in the past, the coming election means the public will have plenty of time to discuss the possible hair transplants of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.