Combination of Hair Transplant and Hair System for Maximum Result

New hope for patient with advanced hair loss

Full Head of Hair After Hair Transplant and Hair System

Many people with advanced stages of baldness may require more than one hair transplant for maximum density and coverage. Most people have adequate number of grafts despite of the stage of their baldness. However, some hair loss sufferers may lack quality donor hair that can guarantee a full head of hair. These individuals are generally men or women with advanced male patterned or female patterned hair loss that have fine or very sparse hair on the back and sides of their scalp. The number of hair follicles that could be harvested might be very limited in these patients and they might not be able to receive a transplant for the entire balding area.

A great solution for these hair loss patients is to transplant the front and corners and create a natural hairline with as many hairs as we can obtain. Despite the limited number of hair follicles or the sparseness of donor hair, a transplant surgeon can still dense pack the limited hair in a smaller surface area. This allows the surgeon to maximize the look of the front and create a solid hairline.

What can a hair system offer?

The areas on the back that cannot be covered could be restored with a hair system. The hair system is matched with the patient’s hair and will be attached on the scalp with medical adhesives behind the hairline. The patient can enjoy a natural looking hairline and full coverage behind the hairline. The combined procedure looks completely natural and undetectable from a full head of hair.

How the combination works?

While the transplanted area in the front is permanent, the hair system may need periodic maintenance after its initial placement. The patients can easily enjoy sports, outdoor activities or even swimming without the fear of losing the hair system. In the combination hair replacement method, the hair system seems to be more stable in place due to the protection of the frontal transplanted area for the posterior hair system.

We at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration offer the combination procedure with collaboration with HRC, one of the best hair replacement companies in California. This solution could be used for most men and women with a large area of hair loss without sufficient reserve of hair on the donor area. Celebrities who desire maximum density in their entire head can also enjoy the benefits of the combination of hair transplantation and hair replacement system.