Bel Air Hair Transplant

When one thinks of class, beauty, and upscale living, it is hard not to think of Bel Air. Since 1923 the neighborhood has been redefining, over and over, what those traits mean, consistently raising the bar for those who wish to call it home. Some may consider this behavior to be one of conceit. Others, however, understand the importance of high standards and have no issues with striving to meet them. To be sure, Bel Air puts on a very ritzy show, with its hilly streets that entwine the huge green lawns of celebrity mansions. Hence, Celebrity Hair Transplant™ are also very popular. And of course, the residents choose to reflect this in the form of style, fashion, and physical appearance. With this in mind, it is no wonder so many of them choose Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration when looking for a reliable Bel Air Hair Transplant clinic, should thinning hair intrude upon their self-esteem.


Should Bel Air Residents Consider Thinning Hair A Major Problem?

That would depend on your personal point of view. For men, many choose to “own” the look by growing a beard to compensate or hitting the gym. However, women may find the issue a little more difficult to deal with. Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) affects some 30 million ladies in the United States alone. Once a woman begins to suspect she’s losing her hair, the effect could be devastating. As for the classy ladies who live in Bel Air, it is almost a given that acceptance is not an option. In fact, any patient who walks through the door at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration does so from an unwillingness to bow before the throne of fate. This stubbornness comes not from negative feelings toward people with thinning hair, but for the look of youth and good health a full head of hair often seems to embody.

this is an image of hair transplant patient in Bel Air

Radiance is a huge part of what defines Bel Air. Being in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, this is always an amazing place to lay eyes on. The surrounding canyons, parks, and wildlife make it among the quietest places in Los Angeles County. Its many huge mansions seem quite content to brood alongside their swimming pools, contemplating the city spires from afar. As for shops and restaurants we suppose there are not many. Tour buses do not include Bel Air in their packages, and indeed, many of the streets don’t even have sidewalks. But then we know the people who live here hold peace and quiet in high regard. It is yet another of those standards that ultimately lead them to us for thinning hair transplant. Proper, dignified, and productive—that is the Bel Air way.


How Far Will Residents Need To Travel For Treatment?

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration has two offices in Los Angeles County, and both are easily reachable from Bel Air. Our Encino office is just 10 miles north along US-101. Closer still is our Beverly Hills facility; drive 6.3 miles north on Stradella Road and Sunset Blvd, or 7.7 miles using Wilshire Blvd.


In Encino, you will get validated parking behind the office. The entrance is just off Petit Avenue. In Beverly Hills, there is public parking just across Wilshire behind the bridal store.


Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is Bel Air’s number one choice for hair restoration surgery. We offer procedure options that are discreet as they are effective, and will have you right back on the playing field of life in less than a week. At your initial consultation, we will find out which treatment is best for the kind of hair loss you are experiencing. Our facilities are among the most modern in the industry. Call us today via (888) 302-8747 and get started on recapturing the confidence of your youth.