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Dr. Mohebi is Now on Snapchat

Dr. Mohebi is now on Snapchat

  Do you currently like us on Facebook? Do you follow us on Twitter? Are you a Snapchatter? If so, join Dr. Mohebi on Snapchat @drparsamohebi. Not familiar with Snapchat? It’s a mobile app that lets users upload pictures and videos that disappear within a 24 hours of a person uploading them. Dr. Mohebi will be sharing behind the scenes photos, videos of our office, live videos of hair transplant procedures and exclusive content directly on his Snapchat account. If you don’t have Snapchat on your phone yet, you can download the app for free. Just search for the user […]

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Discovering the Power That Lives Within You

Seminar for Power

There are a variety of reasons that lead people to have a hair transplant. One of the most common reasons is the desire for self-improvement. I recently attended a Tony Robbins seminar called “Unleash the Power Within” which covered many areas of self-improvement and making a change in your life. I’ve known about Tony since my days in medical school when I read one of his first books which was also called “Unleash the Power Within”. The book had a deep effect on me and also had a big impact on my future goals. The seminar is designed to help […]

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Spring Open House

Interested in having a hair transplant but never been sure if you could afford one?  Did you get a refund on your taxes and want to learn more about the cost as well as the art of hair restoration procedures? Get all of your questions answered at our next Open House Event! Join us Saturday, April 30th from 3pm-5pm at our state of the art hair restoration facility in Encino. It’s your chance to learn more about the hair restoration process in a one-on-one setting. Meet the doctor and his staff Chat with some of our previous patients Watch a […]

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And The Winner Is…

We are pleased to announce that we have decided on the winner of our free hair transplant campaign. As many of you viewed his video and voted for him, we are pleased to announce that Sanjar Leo is the winner of our free hair transplant campaign. Although it was not an easy decision to make due to the appealing stories of all of the entries, the story of Sanjar struck a chord with me. Sanjar is a very private man whose shyness is a direct result of embarrassment caused by his many years of balding. An unsuccessful hair restoration procedure […]

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Dr. Mohebi Named to RealSelf Top 500

Dr. Mohebi was recently named to the prestigious 2015 RealSelf 500 list. The list spotlights a wide variety of medical professionals who, according to realself.com, provide “invaluable insight and expertise to those looking to make informed, confident choices around personal, highly considered health and beauty choices.” The RealSelf 500 list is a newly created honor and the doctors recognized on the list have made significant contributions to consumer education. According to RealSelf, these doctors collectively had an impact on millions of consumers thanks to the educational and informative content on their websites. RealSelf is an online community that allows patients […]

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2016 Free Hair Transplant Campaign

Our 2016 hair transplant campaign is underway! Dr. Mohebi joined the host of “The Bald Truth”, Spencer Kobren, to discuss the reasons behind the contest as well as some of the stigma still involved when people discuss hair transplants. In the clip below, Dr. Mohebi and Spencer talk about how some people still use the phrase “plugs” and the need to educate the public about hair transplant procedures.

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Win a Free Hair Transplant from Dr. Mohebi!

The amount of people we meet that suffer from hair loss grows every year. We almost always hear that they are scared to have a hair transplant. Why are they afraid? Many people mention the stigma that comes with having “work” done on their hairline. Others are scared because they lacked the proper information before visiting our office. The amount of people who can be helped with a hair transplant, but are unaware of that fact, grows each and every year.  In 2015, we asked people to talk about their hair loss and tell us why they deserved a hair […]

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Take the First Step Towards Becoming the “New You” In 2016

The New Year is upon us and resolutions are in the air. Are you ready to take the first step and become the “new you” in 2016? Join us for our first Open House of the year on Saturday, January 9th from 3pm to 5 pm for your opportunity to watch a live hair transplant performed by Dr. Mohebi and his staff in our state of the art medical facility in Encino. One of the best ways to learn more about the art and science of hair transplants is by viewing one and seeing the life changing results in person. […]

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