He Won The Super Bowl, Can He Beat Hair Loss?

Looking at Tom Brady’s life from the outside, he seems to be living the good life:

  • A successful NFL career
  • Hot supermodel wife
  • Adoring fans

There have been a few stumbles along the way (Deflategate anyone?) but overall Brady has been very blessed in his life. One area where Tom becomes more like us mere mortals is his hairline. Maybe that should be phrased “his lack of a hairline”. There has been speculation for years that Tom Brady has been losing his hair and has even undergone a hair transplant.  While neither Tom nor his wife have confirmed this news, there have been conflicting reports over the years about Tom Brady and his receding hairline.

Lets’ take a look at some of the stories surrounding Tom’s head:

1. The first sign that Tom was losing his hair was his ever present cap. Tom was seen with this pom pom hat on the field, in the locker room and at press conferences. While some people might see the hat as nothing more than a team supporting fashion statement, it is also a sign that Brady was losing his hair and didn’t want that fact to be public knowledge.Tom Brady Hair Loss

2. It was also reported in 2010 that Brady’s car was seen outside the office of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates in Rhode Island. While Tom might be a good guy and was just giving a friend a lift, the odds are more likely that he was consulting with the staff about his own hair. Did Tom get some work done or was he discussing his hair options?

3. Following the 2010 “Rhode Island incident”, as well as a 2008 visit to a hair restoration clinic, Tom’s hair has gone through a number of styles over the years. From close cut to long locks to a shaggy style, Tom’s hair has been a changing work of art. It’s been reported that Tom had thinning hair and a bald spot that his wife was desperate to prevent from getting out of control. It’s been speculated that she made Brady get hair plugs to stop his hair loss.

Unfortunately, all of the above is pure speculation. Tom’s father was bald so many experts feel that Brady is worried about also being bald. Until Brady himself speaks publicly on the matter, the truth behind Tom Brady’s ever changing hairline will not be known. Until then, enjoy the look of Brady’s hair because it could easily look like the picture below without the help of medical experts.

Hair loss Tom Brady