Will I Have a Scar After Hair Transplant?

6 Months After FUE Transplant

6 Months After FUE Transplant

Hello Doctor,

One of my cousins had a hair transplant about 10-12 years ago, maybe 15 years ago.  You can easily tell that he had a hair transplant by looking at the back of his head (donor area).  If he shaves his head, is it still the same case in 2013.  Will the donor area look like he had a hair transplant if he shaves his head in the future?


The answer to that question has to do with the type of procedure.  If he has a strip procedure, he will have a linear scar on the donor area, which will be visible only if he chooses to shave his head, or to get a short crew cut on the back and sides.  If he wants to keep his options open, to be able to shave or to keep hair very short on the side and back, his only option for doing the procedure would be doing a FUE transplant.