When Is a Good Time to Do a Repeat Hair Transplant Surgery?


Dr. Mohebi, my next follow up appointment with you for 10 months follow up is scheduled in early January. I am very pleased with the results of my hair transplant, at the front, but, as we had thought, we may need to do some more at the back. When is a good time to do a repeat hair restoration surgery after the first one?

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If you need more density on the crown, you can consider another hair transplant surgery for that area anytime after 6 months from your first hair transplant. The reason you have to wait for 6 months is because at that point you should be evaluated for the growth of the grafts from your prior hair restoration surgery and donor area. All grafts should be grown at month six after your other hair transplant. So we should be able see which areas need to be covered further. Performing another hair transplant surgery may risk putting a new graft on top of an area that is supposed to grow new hair, but the hair is not visible yet.