What to Expect from my Second Hair Transplant?


Dr. Mohebi,

We discussed a second procedure several months ago to increase density. I was told about 1500 grafts would be necessary. I’d like to get a better idea of what level of density I can expect. Is there a way to show me an example from another patient, or compare it to another area of my hair so I can set my expectations accurately?


Are 2nd hair transplants necessary?


Generally, one hair transplant creates about 35-40% density in the areas that we dense pack. Although the appearance of baldness is eliminated in most cases, the density you once had may not be able to be replicated. This is particularly important in regards to the front of your hairline where adding to the density can make the hair line look more solid. In the photo attached, you can see the frontal view of a patient before a hair transplant, ten months after the first procedure and ten months after the second procedure.