What Kind of Density Should I Expect After a Hair Transplant Procedure?


I have had a hair transplant and was really curious about the experiences of others.  After looking around online, I saw a set of photos from another patient who had almost the same number of grafts but his hair density after the transplant was much better than mine.

Is it normal to have a difference in hair density?  If so, why is that?


Before and After Hair Transplant (3102 Hair Grafts). One Surgery. Twelve Months Elapsed

Before and After Hair Transplant (3102 Hair Grafts). One Surgery. Twelve Months Elapsed

Although we utilize the most modern techniques available for hair restoration, it’s not unusual to see different results for different patients.  Assuming that the technique of hair transplant is exactly the same and every single hair grows after a hair transplant, there are other factors that can affect your after hair transplant results:

  • Hair shaft thickness – Hair shaft thickness is closely related to the final bulk and thickness of hair.  For example, if your hair diameter is twice as much as someone else then your hair cross section and produced volume is 4 times as much. That means 1000 grafts can produce what 4000 grafts can in the other person.
  • Hair to skin contrast – The less contrast, the better!  Blond hair on white skin appears much fuller than black hair. Why? Because similar colors create the illusion of fullness and your eyes cannot easily detect skin through hair as much.
  • Waviness of hair – Simply put, wavy or curly hair always creates more bulk than straight hair.  When your hair is curly, each hair curls on its own and provides the appearance of more volume.

So you cannot compare your results from a hair restoration with others who have received the same number of grafts.  The number of grafts is only one of the many elements that tell us what we have to expect after a hair transplant procedure