What could be done for the Scar of a Hair Transplant?


I had a hair transplant in past and planning to have another one. Part of the scar from the first procedure is often visible on the right side of the back of my head even when my hair is pretty long. It’s just a small section, but during the second procedure would it be possible to minimize its visibility further by transplanting a small amount of hair into that area (not sure if this is safe or not if the grafts are being removed from a nearby area) or through other means?

Stretching of hair transplant scar
Stretched Hair Transplant Scar


In order to minimize the visibility, we will do a double-edge trichophytic closure on the donor scar. We generally have more flexibility with our trichophytic closure during the second procedure due to the fact that we now know how aggressive we should be in bringing hair into the scar. The second time around, we know how your body scars and can anticipate what kind of stretching will occur. Going further, in the future we can place hair into the scar if needed with filling the scar with FUE transplant or even use SMP (scalp micropigmentation), which will minimize the visibility of the scar by placing pigments in it. Everything discussed above will be addressed in the future if necessary.  Whether to use FUE or SMP to minimize the visibility of hair transplant scar is discussed in another blog post.