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Reframing the Face With Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Mohebi, Medical Director of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, describes how a hair restoration procedure can restore the balance of the face for men and women with hair loss or congenitally elevated hairlines. The ideal distance between the hairline and top of the eyebrows should be 1/3rd of the face, or the same distance between the nose and chin or between the tip of the nose and between the eyebrows. The forehead will look elevated if it does not roughly conform to these proportions. The difference will be even more pronounced in men with narrow chins. A Hair Restoration procedure can correct for this horizontal imbalance. Men and women with more advanced stages of hair loss may experience temple recession or loss of sideburns. This condition can also result from trauma or complications from other cosmetic procedures which affects both the temples and hairline. A hair restoration procedure that brings the temples forward will make the patient’s face look more balanced and attractive. This will also benefit patients experiencing premature aging by framing their face in a way that makes them look younger. Women with male patterned baldness may experience similar patterns of hair loss. A hair restoration procedure can not only give them a more youthful appearance, but also create a more feminine hairline.