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Preventative FUE Hair Transplant

Dr. Mohebi describes a Preventative FUE Hair Transplant procedure. Most patients have a hair transplant once it is obvious that their scalp is being impacted by balding. Other patients have a hair restoration procedure before they go bald. Having a hair transplant before you go bald is known as preventative FUE hair transplant! Dr. Mohebi takes you behind the scenes to show you how a preventative FUE hair transplant is performed. His patient has thick hair with diffused thinning on the front, top and crown areas on the scalp that reveal scalp skin. This two day hair restoration procedure involves Dr. Mohebi transplanting almost 4000 grafts into the scalp of the patient. He uses Trivellini System to extract FUE grafts and the team uses Mohebi Implanter (Inserter) to implant the grafts with minimal manipulation. The procedure is done with simultaneous extraction and placement that guarantee the optimum viability of grafts. See how the final results are produced that give the patient a stronger, more defined hairline as well as greater thickness all over the scalp. This preventative FUE hair transplant is performed by Dr. Mohebi, a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon.