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Prevent a Hair Transplant Scar w/ Double Edged Trichophytic Closure

Double edged trichophytic closure is a new approach to donor wound closure. Double edged, or two sided trichotomy, helps to minimize the visibility of the scalp scar after hair transplant surgery. It works through enabling some of the hair follicles to grow into the scar.   Double edged trichophytic closure helps to minimize the width of the top skin layer (epithelium) that is being removed from each edge of the donor wound. This approach allows hair to grow into the wound from both edges and thus minimizes the contrast between scar (with no hair) and surrounding scalp (with 100% hair density). This method could also be used for donor scar revision in patients who have wide donor scars from previous hair restorations.   By employing double edged trichophytic closure we consistently see less detectable donor scars and are able to minimize the risk of folliculitis or ingrown hairs in the donor area. These are two common complications of trichotomy found with traditional methods.   Hair Restoration Surgery is evolving rapidly and we at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration are consistently refining our approach to improve the quality of transplanted hair while minimizing the possibility of complications.