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Hair Loss Psychology – the Effects of Baldness on the Mental State and Psyche

Dr. Parsa Mohebi, Medical Director of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, discusses the impact of male patterned baldness on the psycho social lives of young men in this informative video. The doctor uses evidence from well known studies to demonstrate how hair loss can lead to anxiety and depression.

Dr. Mohebi states how an individual’s psychosocial life can be improved after receiving a hair transplant. In a sample study, Dr. Mohebi evaluated the responses of former hair loss patients who were asked to rate their perceived happiness before and after their surgery based on a number of different criteria. These included overall happiness, energy level, youthfulness, improved anxiety, self confidence, future outlook, sex life, and career. Dr. Mohebi found that patients would report considerable improvement in each of those factors, including overall happiness, after their hair transplant. The primary reason given for their happiness boost was improved self esteem, which had a positive impact on their outlook, career, and relationships.