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Female Hair Loss Treatment

Dr. Mohebi, Medical Director of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, describes the diagnosis and treatment of female patterned baldness and how it differs from male patterned baldness in this informative video. The doctor recommends treatment based on a five step evaluation. The doctor will begin by asking about the female patient’s family history in order to determine if they have a genetic predisposition to baldness or other medical condition that may lead to hair loss. The doctor will then perform a macro and micro study on the patient’s scalp to determine their pattern of hair loss. While female pattern baldness, or diffused hair loss, is more typical in women, some females can experience male patterned baldness where they lose hair at the top and crown of their head. Later, the doctor will perform additional diagnostic and lab tests such as a scalp biopsy which analyzes for cell blood count, iron levels, and systemic diseases. Finally, the doctor will treat the patient according to their pattern of hair loss. Treatment options for female patterned hair loss include medication such as Rogaine, and laser or cosmetic surgery.