Understanding Graft Numbers Discussed During Hair Loss Consultation


I recently had a hair transplant consultation with Dr. Mohebi but just had a few quick questions to clarify the information told to me in my consultation.

Dr. Mohebi recommended 3000++ grafts grafts to me. With an FUT hair transplant procedure involving 3000++ follicular unit grafts, what is the typical range of units that are actually harvested? And what proportion of the units harvested typically transplant successfully?



With Dr. Mohebi’s recommendation of 3000++ grafts, he hopes to achieve somewhere between 3000-4000 successfully transplanted grafts.

While we cannot offer an exact number during your consultation, these are his recommendations based on your hair loss pattern, your personal expectations, density of hair on donor area and for strip surgery, scalp laxity.

If Doctor Mohebi had recommended scalp exercises to you, that means you can help to improve the laxity of the scalp and increase the number of grafts that could be safely removed by performing the recommended exercises.  This helps the number of transplanted grafts to go more toward 4000, if you successfully perform scalp exercises.