Dr. Mohebi on the Road – A Trip to Thailand for Hair Restoration Meetings

Dr. Mohebi attends AAHRS 2023 Meeting

Outside of meeting with patients and helping them achieve their hair restoration goals, Dr. Parsa Mohebi also enjoys meeting with his fellow hair transplant professionals across the globe. According to the doctor, the opportunity to exchange information and learn more from his fellow medical colleagues energizes him and makes him even more excited about treating patients when he returns to the office. Recently, Dr. Mohebi had the chance to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, to attend the 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS). Check out all the action from his trip below.

Dr. Mohebi Travels to Thailand – Event Details

Dr. Mohebi provides lecture at AAHRS meetingAs the name implies, the AAHRS Conference is predominantly attended by Asian hair restoration surgeons. This made the trip a special occasion for the doctor as he was one of the few non-Asian hair restoration specialists invited to take part in the activities at the conference.

The event took place July 20th-23rd at the beautiful Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel. The conference was an officially sanctioned event of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), which is a non-profit, international medical society that has over 1200 members in seventy countries. The goal of the organization is to promote “the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics.” According to the website of the organization, their mission is the achievement of “excellence in medical and surgical outcomes by promoting member education, international collegiality, research, ethics, and public awareness.”

The trip for Dr. Mohebi was a mixture of meetings, social gatherings, informal conversations about the latest advances in hair transplant technology, and his participation in a Live Surgery Workshop. His mixture of professional and social events made sense when the target audience for the conference is considered:

  • Expert and novice hair restoration surgeons
  • Surgical technicians and assistants in the employ of ISHRS Physician Members and Pending Members
  • Additional office personnel in the employ of ISHRS Physician Members and Pending Members
  • Physicians (doctors, nurses, surgeons, and specialists) who have an interest in how hair restoration surgery is performed by trained hair transplant specialists

Dr. Mohebi Travels to Thailand – Teaching the Next Generation

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Mohebi enjoys learning new medical information and viewing surgical techniques that might become popular hair transplant treatment methods in the future. He also enjoys giving back to the hair restoration medical community by taking part in workshops, lectures, and demonstrations designed to educate the next generation of doctors.

Dr. Mohebi visits AAHRS meeting in Thailand to help teach about hair transplants

During the AAHRS conference, Dr. Mohebi journeyed to Chulalongkorn University Hospital to take part in a Live Surgery Workshop. During his portion of the cadaver workshop, Dr. Mohebi, along with Dr. Bertram Ng, showed how to treat male patterned baldness using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery. Dr. Mohebi’s device of choice was Trivellini System from Trivellini Tech. Dr. Mohebi was the operator of the device during the demonstration and his method of treatment was premade sites where hair grafts were placed in the sites using Mohebi Implanter (Inserter). This innovative device, created by Dr. Parsa Mohebi, makes the placement of hair grafts easier and safer during FUE hair transplant surgery. The device can be used safely and effectively during simultaneous extraction and placement FUE procedures since it allows multiple technicians to perform single handed graft placement at the same time.

Dr. Mohebi attends Live Surgery Workshop in Thailand

When asked about taking part in the workshop, Dr. Mohebi said, “I feel that showing the steps involved in a hair transplant can sometimes be more important than any other teaching method. Those who are watching the procedure can take notes and see first-hand the surgical techniques they read about on a daily basis in textbooks and medical journals. While it seems obvious to say, it must be pointed out that the act of viewing a hair transplant surgery will make a long-lasting impression and it delivers information in a real-time setting.”

Dr. Mohebi added, “The workshop takes place in a controlled environment so we can discuss the possible risks and complications of a FUE procedure without the actual risks or complications happening during the lecture and demonstration. Plus, seeing a hair transplant performed in front of their eyes often spurs questions and comments that might not have been thought of if the audience members were simply reading a medical journal or textbook.”

When asked to summarize his journey to the AAHRS Conference, Dr. Mohebi feels a sense of pride and accomplishment. “It is an honor to be invited to the conference as the number of surgeons who are not of an Asian background is not very high. I am proud to be invited as this means the procedures performed at our multiple California locations are recognized as being industry-leading while also delivering high-quality results. I also feel a sense of accomplishment that I helped to educate an upcoming group of hair restoration doctors who will soon be ready to become accomplished hair transplant surgeons in the future.”