The Psychological Effect On Hair Loss On Women

Women Hair LossWhile we recently took a look at the psychological effects on hair loss on men, it’s important to remember that women suffer from hair loss as well. Hair loss can be especially hard on women as a full head of hair is often viewed as a symbol of beauty, youth and femininity to others. In general, there is more of a social stigma attached to female hair loss than male hair loss which leads many females to have psychological issues with their condition.

  • Research has found that women are likely to suffer from low self-esteem due to thinning hair and overall hair loss from female patterned baldness (FPB) and male patterned baldness (MPB). Women are usually very sensitive when it comes to social expectations concerning their hair. Self-esteem and self-worth can drop in women thanks to hair loss.
  • Women also tend to feel less attractive to others when they suffer from hair loss. Hair is one of the main methods of expressing the individuality of a person and hair loss can make a female feel less attractive and less able to express how they wish to look to others.
  • Women can also feel less powerful if they are suffering from hair loss. Being able to complete “their look” with a full head of hair gives females a sense of confidence and power as they go about their daily business. Any dissatisfaction with their body image, including their hair, can cause a loss of confidence when dealing with others. While many women do feel less confident when suffering from hair loss, many of them try and hide the loss with new and more creative hairstyles.

The majority of men seem to be able to cope more with their hair loss and continue on with their lives in a confident manner. On the other hand, the appearance of a woman is a big part of how she is perceived by others in society which can make it much harder to cope on a daily basis. If you are a female suffering from hair loss, contact our office today and make a consultation appointment with us. Our office uses a five-step female hair loss treatment program that can bring about a real change in your life and your appearance when it comes to the issue of your hair loss.