The Most Impressive Widow’s Peak in Politics

  • Before-PaulRyan

Paul Ryan has often been touted as one of the leaders of the Republican Party as well as a possible future candidate for the presidency. There is another aspect of his life that he is well known for besides politics. His widow’s peak has been called the best one in politics since Ronald Reagan.

Would Paul Ryan be as sought after in the political world if he didn’t have his impressive widow’s peak? A study back in the 1980s showed that people were drawn to photos of politicians who possessed certain facial characteristics. When it came to the topic of a widow’s peak on a candidate, the characteristic was seen as giving a person an air of great integrity and allowed the person to be viewed as being more competent than other candidates. Ryan seems to take all of the attention paid to his hairline in stride. In fact, he has mentioned that others have pointed out, and made fun of, his widow’s peak since he was in 7th or 8th grade.

The questions remains: Would Ryan be getting as much attention if he didn’t have such an impressive hair-related feature? Take a look below at what Paul Ryan might look like without his widow’s peak. Would he be as successful in politics with a less healthy hairline?